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How legal are safe online casinos in Italy: laws, facts

In the course of this article we will see in detail how the world of online casinos works in Italy from a legal point of view. We will also tell you about some particular facts that you absolutely need to know, about the control body that manages everything and much more

Italy has one double vision on the world of casinos. For terrestrial ones, in fact, there are a series of stringent rules and, indeed, the game in theory would be totally forbidden even if then, with special exceptions, various casinos have been given the possibility to open and work without problems.

A brief overview of the legality of gambling in Italy

The situation, however, is different for virtual platforms. Since 2006, in fact, the online gaming sector has been examined by national laws and various operators have been given the opportunity to accept bets from Italian citizens. And this was only the beginning since in 2011 first the doors to online poker and online casino games were opened then.

Gambling Licensing and Regulators

To date in Italy to deal with the licenses to be issued to bookmakers and secure online casinos is theCustoms and Monopolies Agency (ADM), speaking of an entity that is part of the Ministry of Finance and that for some years has replaced the AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) in this role.

It has the task of verifying that online casinos have everything in order from an economic and financial point of view and beyond. In fact, it also verifies the platform, the Return to Player and the RNG, i.e. the algorithm that serves to guarantee that the combinations are absolutely random.

Current laws on online casinos

As seen the safe online casinos in Italy, provided they are duly authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, they are absolutely legal. And, in fact, around you will find many platforms on which you can rely.

In the early 2000s, the Italian State carefully followed the evolution of this phenomenon and subsequently decided to establish its own laws that all operators who wanted to work in Italy had to respect.

Among these, for example, we also have to pay taxes on winnings in advance. Italian players, in fact, absolutely don’t have to worry about this point as we will see shortly.

Legal gaming in Italian secure online casinos


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Willingness to win

The situation regarding safe online casinos was quite confused until 2010. Italy, in fact, through the Customs and Monopolies Agency blocks all non-Italian sites that accepted bets from users residing in Italy. However, these sites they turned to the European Union and in the end we arrived at the solution still implemented today.

In a nutshell, all Italian and foreign sites can safely operate in Italy provided, however, that they obtain the relevant license from the AAMS and then, as mentioned, from the ADM. And this is entirely regulated by the National Law 357/88. The ADM rules apply to all categories of games played remotely, i.e. casino games and poker, but also sports bets, tote lotteries and so on.

Furthermore, the ADM also has the task of carrying out periodic checks on the various casinos and of going in search of those platforms which, despite not having the regular ADM license, accept bets from players residing in Italy.

And these sites are immediately blocked, so access is made impossible, and then sanctioned according to the applicable laws. And we are talking about very serious crimes, given that accepting bets without a license also means evading taxes; therefore, they risk a complaint and criminal prosecution in an Italian court.

Player age

Italian players, whether they want to access online or land-based casinos, they must be 18 years old. This, in fact, is the minimum age to access structures or platforms where gambling is practiced with real money. And this law is widespread throughout Europe while in some US states it can even reach 21 years.

To prevent minors from being able to play, casinos should always ask for ID so they can make sure that only people aged 18 or over are really playing. Also for this reason, players must validate their gaming account within thirty days of registration.

License price

As seen above, currently the entity responsible for issuing licenses is the ADM which replaced the AAMS. Having a license allows us to know that the casino is legal and above all financially strong so that he can pay every win. In fact, to obtain the Italian license, there are a series of expenses to be faced and economic parameters to be respected,

First, the dealerships that applied for must have had a turnover of €1,500,000 in the last 2 years. Furthermore, they must also pay a surety directly to ADM, equal to €350,000 for technical management, supervision and administration.

Gambling taxes

We have already talked about this element before. One of the reasons why the Italian State has consented to the spread of legal operators in Italy is related also to the tax revenue they generate. Online casinos, in fact, pay taxes to Italy and we are talking about 25% on the amount played by users in general on the site. For land-based casinos, however, the threshold is 20%.

The positive fact is that players absolutely do not have to worry about taxes on their winnings since these are already paid in advance by the concessionaires themselves and they are equal to 12% on amounts below €500 and a variable percentage on prizes over €500.

Casino ratings and reliable scrutiny

When it comes to safe online casinos such as the site, a number of factors must be highlighted. First of all, around the web you will find many legal casinos authorized by the ADM, but also many platforms without a regular license that have not yet been discovered by the Customs Agency. And the latter they are definitely risky as they may have rigged games and not pay out winnings.

This, therefore, is the first reason why casino review sites are needed. The casino verification service they carry out, in fact, is essential since they check the site and find that everything is in order. And since these are industry experts, i.e. professional gamers and developers, we can certainly trust them.

Furthermore, they also seek the opinion of players who have already used a certain site and therefore it is an additional element that helps us to have a clearer picture of the situation.

Finally, thanks to these sites, we can also understand what the various are functionality of a casino, i payment methods available and features, the range of games and the presence of certain software providers. And all this at the same time, so as not to waste unnecessary time on searches and comparisons that may not lead to anything concrete.