How much can you save by buying cameras online?

How much can you save by buying cameras online?

Online shopping, nowadays, represents a convenient and economical solution. How much can you save by buying cameras online?

The photography it is an extremely special hobby, which in recent years has been attracting a lot of people. There are many reasons, but the most decisive one is the following: it is a field accessible to anyone, since it does not require a lot of technical knowledge, but at the same time you can deepen many aspects of photography (for example the use of lenses, filters, insights into the most used tools, etc …).

However, if you are a true newbie, and are in the process of purchasing a camera, the prices may be out of your league.

This is nothing new: the camera is a rather expensive device, especially if we refer to models intended for real professionals or out of production (an example are film cameras). In addition, the price may increase if you decide to go to physical stores. What to do?

As always, the web comes to help thanks to online e-commerce, which give the possibility of buy cameras at competitive prices, and to receive them in a short time at home.

But, in essence, how convenient is it? And how much do you save by buying online?

What influences the price? Factors to consider

Before delving into the topic regarding the savings that you can benefit from buying a camera online, it is necessary to understand first what are the factors that can influence the price of the device.

The cost of a camera, in addition to being influenced by the state in which it is found (a used product has less value than a new one), is mainly determined by features e functions that the latter owns.

In fact, a professional camera will cost much more than a simple one, because perhaps it has more technical functions, and therefore intended for use by experts in the field, or intended for use for business purposes.

In particular, the features that could increase the price of the device are the following:

  • Possibility of mount more powerful lenses on the camera;
  • Possibility of connect to the internet and of interact with app appropriate;
  • Presence of functions to edit photos (sharpness, light, color, filters etc …);
  • Resolution high photos and videos;
  • Waterproofness e resistance of the camera.

Another factor to be evaluated is the template of the camera. Currently, the Reflex are the most purchased and used models, and therefore have a not too high value. The same cannot be said for Mirrorless cameras which, although they are becoming quite well known, are still new and rather expensive models.

Finally, also the Mark can determine the price of the device: this is because the materials with which the camera is built, or even the design of the latter, vary.

Buying cameras online: is it worth it?

After having listed the various elements that can affect the price of the camera, it’s time to answer the big question: is it worth buying cameras online? The answer is: Yes of course. Buying cameras online is an affordable choice and allows you to find extensive catalogs that include low-cost products.

The minimum savings rate, compared to buying in physical stores, is about -20%, which may slightly increase if promotions or discounts are made. However, by carrying out deeper searches on the web, it is possible to find articles at extremely affordable prices: in this case, the savings rate can even reach the -60% (although, in this case, they are often used).

However, it is necessary to know that, although it is possible to find unmissable bargains on the web, it is also true that physical stores implement various discounts and promotional periods, in which the prices of digital devices drop a lot, with the aim of attracting more customers they want to buy these products without breaking the bank.


It shopping online, nowadays, it represents a convenient and economical solution, especially if you have to buy expensive devices such as cameras. With a little research, and some comparisons, it will be possible to find the article that is right for you, spending the right amount.

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