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The best road trips with an electric vehicle

Wallbox, the world’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions, has come up with the perfect itinerary for an electric car road trip. What are the chosen destinations?

Wallbox, advice for traveling by electric car

There are two recommendations from Wallbox before setting off on the road. The first is to verify that you have the suitable connector. In Europe the standard is the type 2 AC charger and most charging stations have just such a type 2 socket. Some charging stations may have a fixed cable, so better have a plan B in case the cable is not compatible with the car jack.

The second recommendation is to identify public shippers in advance available along the way. 471 have been installed in Europe. With their 60 kW, they allow you to reach a charge in just 15 minutes to cover around 100 km of autonomy.

The stages of Wallbox: Austria

At the start, the electric car must be charged to the maximum. Passing through Trento and Bolzano, you can head north, arriving in Innsbruck, one of the cities to visit once you arrive in Austria. The country is in 5th place in Europe for the number of charging points, 127 for every 100,000 inhabitants: it will therefore be easy to recharge the car and move around in complete freedom.


After that, it’s time for Nuremberg and Munich. In Germany, there are 78 public charging stations for every 100,000 inhabitants: a number that does not allow the country to be at the top of the European ranking, but which allows electric lovers a little peace of mind.

Netherlands and Belgium

I The Netherlands are in first place in the ranking compiled by ChargeUp Europe for public electric charging points: 699 for every 100,000 inhabitantsthe. A record number if you think that Belgium, in 4th place, has 129.

Last stop: France

After returning from the electric car trip, Wallbox suggests going through France. The nation it only ranks 11th in the standings, behind Italycon only 44 charging stations for every 100,000 inhabitants.

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