How the world of football is changing between Xbox and sports betting apps

The rise of mobile devices has changed the way people enjoy both Xbox and gambling, and the pandemic has accelerated the trend

2002: Microsoft launches the Xbox, a technology that allows you to play multiplayer via the internet. Almost twenty years have passed and Xbox still holds out, thanks to its ability to look forward to the world of online gaming. Among the most popular games of all time, those for football such as FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer and Football Manager. The use of the Xbox has not taken away the desire to bet on football matches and, in a world like the current one characterized by the spread of social networks and apps, they have exploded, also thanks to the pandemic situation, football related apps. Online you can find more opinions like the Eurobet app review on which shows precisely how the sector has evolved.

Play Xbox in 2021

With the spread of mobile technology, all the commercial and recreational sectors have had to adapt. Xbox has not had it repeated twice and it is now possible to use it both on the phone and on any mobile device. That’s enough download the appropriate app, have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection of a good standard and a Bluetooth enabled wireless controller.

There are two mobile modes, to go more specifically:

  • Via Cloud con Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Remotely with the Xbox console.

Useful tips: Save often when using Xbox remotely, where, therefore, only one person can have fun at a time; mobile devices support Bluetooth from brands other than XBox and many have not been tested so each experience is different; if not turned off manually, the Xbox will turn itself off, remaining in instant on mode after fifteen minutes have elapsed.

Who will stop the sport

Covid 19 did not succeed, if anything it changed the sports landscape. During the first wave, arcades and betting agencies saw a sharp slowdown due to the DPCM decrees following the pandemic. The online world took advantage of this and found a new market for the betting sector, held back only by suspension of sporting events at the peak of the contagion which led to an overall downsizing of the sector with peaks of over 90%. With the resumption of football competitions after the summer (albeit behind closed doors) the world of betting was able to benefit from a restart period. Both national leagues as well as Europa League and Champions League were held regularly, allowing the economy to breathe.

The elements to be taken into account in the event of a bet have also changed, above all the field factor, which without fans turned out to be much less important in the victory of the home team; it is much more difficult to make predictions, given that the teams play more evenly.

How football betting apps work

Not only bets can be made from specialized sites of which it will be important to verify that they have a regular AAMS license, but also through mobile devices, such as cell phones. A more practical, convenient and faster mode but are we sure it is also safe? Just check that there is possibility of a digital wallet, the so-called e-wallet, with services such as PayPal, Neteller and Applepay. Another evaluation criterion is that of variety of sports betting and the quota level, in addition to the quality of the live offer. Portals like Eurobet, SNAI, BWIN, William Hill, BetFlag are reliable from these points of view and offer a wide range of choice between competitions and leagues.

Today there are many providers that offer the possibility to make online football bets by integrating them with services such as casinos, bingo, virtual games of various kinds. These apps are generally colorful and simple to use and above all constantly updated.

The difference between agency and app operations as far as betting is concerned, it is in the fact that you act much faster, being able, via app, to range between a multiplicity of functions. Not only that: also transactions happen faster, thanks to its digital wallet that allows for faster cashout in case of a win.

In conclusion, the spread of mobile devices has changed both the way of enjoying both Xbox and betting. The pandemic appears to have accelerated this trend, further spreading apps; this is especially true for the betting sector, where the change has led, thanks to the evolution of online payment security, to greater speed of payment both inbound and outbound, but also a new way to have fun: fast and from anywhere, always with a predilection for live events and doing multiple actions at the same time.