How to choose the best automatic coffee machine

For many years now, more and more people have decided to buy an automatic coffee machine that can speed up the operation aimed at enjoying excellent quality coffee.

There are many models on the market and we would like to help you consider what are the most important factors to buy the automatic coffee machine that’s right for you.

The type of millstone

Among the different machines there are those that grind the coffee instantly and therefore you will have to insert the whole beans inside a tank, those that also work with already ground coffee and other models that instead require the use of capsules.

The taste of the final product will certainly change depending on the type of coffee machine you are going to choose.

Which coffee can be used

Basically it will depend a lot on the model you are going to buy. There are only some coffee machines that allow you to use ground coffee, while others are oriented towards ready-made capsules.

However, there are also some coffee machines that involve the use of both one and the other type. This way you will have a wider choice and you will not be limited in your choice.

The different settings

Basically the settings that you will have to set to operate your automatic coffee machine are very simple and do not require an experience like that of a barista.

Once you have discovered the best setting for you, you can definitely enjoy a coffee like at the bar!

The water pressure

Most of the time the automatic coffee machines that are used inside a home are not equipped with a water pressure regulator, simply because there is no need for it.

The pressure that is guaranteed is sufficient to let the coffee come out of the spout, allowing you to savor that froth that until now you have only been able to taste in your favorite bar.

The size of the water tank

The size of the water tank will determine how many liters of water can be stored in order to make a variable number of coffees.

Always keep the tank clean and check it constantly, to make sure you have enough water to prepare the number of coffees you have set out to drink or offer.

Other characteristics

Among the other features that you might find in a coffee machine, there is, for example, the air jet that will allow you to also prepare delicious cappuccinos, in case you feel like it.

There are also machines that provide a storage area for the capsules already used that you will only empty when it is completely full.


It is very important to make sure that the guarantee that you are offered covers a sufficient period of time, as you certainly wish that a coffee stain can last for years.

The important thing is to carry out routine maintenance, running descaling cycles as required by the instruction manual.

Final remarks

If, knowing all the useful tips / information we have given you, you are still stumped as to what to look for when shopping, here is a nice list of automatic coffee machines.

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