Earth Day: the best films and documentaries to watch

We celebrate Earth Day with the best films and documentaries dedicated to the protection of our planet: here are the titles we recommend

April 22 isEarth Day, the day when the environment is celebrated e safeguarding the Earth: for the occasion we propose a guide on best documentaries and films dedicated to the topic.

Best films and documentaries to see on Earth Day

I am Greta – A force of nature

Presented in 2020 as a world premiere at the seventy-seventh International Film Festival in Venice, I am Greta – A force of nature is the documentary directed by Nathan Grossman that follows the very young Greta Thunberg struggling with her environmental battle aimed at making people understand all the environmental problems that afflict our planet.

Point of no return – Before the Flood

In 2016, Point of No Return – Before the Flood was released. Directed by Fisher Stevens, the documentary deals with the topic of climate change with Leonardo DiCaprio discussing the problem with the most influential personalities in the sector.

2040 – Let’s save the planet

Director Damon Gameau travels the world in search of brilliant and experienced personalities in the sector to discover new possibilities aimed at halting the impending climate change. The reason? The desire to give her daughter a better future.

Deep blue

Profondo Blu is a documentary dated 2003 that investigates the underwater world. The intent of the authors is to educate viewers to discover something we know only superficially and to discover the most hidden corners of the sea depths.

Earth: an extraordinary day

Directly from the UK, in Earth: An Extraordinary Day, directors Richard Dale and Peter Webber guide us, in the course of a single day, from sunrise to sunset, on a journey to discover the entire planet, between mountains, jungles, and desert lands.

The march of the penguins

In 2005, The March of the Penguins was shown on the big screen, a documentary film directed by Luc Jacquet that tells of the migration of a colony of penguins (and in particular of a couple) trying to survive the cold and hunger.

An uncomfortable truth

Winner of two Academy Awards in 2007, An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim that focuses on the serious problem of global warming by reviewing the dire consequences that follow.

My friend at the bottom of the sea

The friendship between an octopus and a human being is told through the images of My friend infondo al mare, a documentary film dated 2020 that infects the underwater world of South Africa. Through diving and bonding with the octopus, protagonist Craig Foster manages to win his battle against depression and mend the bond with his son.

Going North – Escape routes from global warming

Once again the problem of global warming is addressed. Going North tries to understand the reasons and to investigate the harmful consequences that could lead to the extinction of wild species. For some species, the solution lies in moving north of the northern hemisphere to cooler climates.

The salt of the Earth

Directed by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, The Salt of the Earth is a documentary film from 2014 that tells us about the life of the photographer Sebastião Salgado who, in the course of his life, has immortalized not only the conditions of the African population, but also the corners of our planet not yet contaminated by modernity.