How to choose the bookmaker to bet on football events

How to choose the bookmaker to bet on football events? What criteria to take into consideration?

Finding the right bookmaker to place your football bets is not that difficult. On the online betting scene in Italy, there are many operators that offer an excellent gaming offer and five-star customer service. However, you may be wondering… how do you really choose the right site? What criteria to take into consideration? Here, our guide will show you the way, providing you with the tools to select your next site to bet online for real money!

Evaluate the game schedule

If you want to bet on cast matches, then you must first consider the game schedule made available to the operator. Browse the site and take a look at the available leagues you could bet on. A must for every bookmaker are of course the Premier League, La Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga and the Spanish Liga. If, then, you are an expert in minor leagues, check for the presence of second and third tier leagues or the lower leagues of the major European leagues. If you are a lover of multiples tickets, the more leagues you have available, the greater the possibilities to customize your bet based on different football events.

Check out the gaming markets

As you know, betting is not just about guessing the winner of a match. Each operator, in fact, makes available, in addition to the 1X2, a hundred different markets for each individual football event.

We therefore suggest that you click on an available event and check the number of alternative markets available for that particular match. This will give you an idea of ​​the number of game variants proposed by the operator per match. What are we referring to? Well, our reference goes to markets such as goal / no gal, under / over, number of goals scored, combo, double chances, handicap, number of goals per playing time, number of home / away team goals, scorer, exact result, first and / or second half result and so on.

Having a large number of alternative gaming markets available gives you a substantial advantage in customizing your game card and grants you greater flexibility in choosing your bet.

Registration bonuses and promotional offers

The simplest way to build your bankroll is also linked to the possibility of taking advantage of free bets and any other bonuses upon registration. Many bookmakers, in fact, offer welcome bonuses, with or without a deposit, which you can use upon registration. Also keep an eye on the recurring promotions proposed by the operator: let’s talk in summary about bonuses on multiples, bonuses on certain football events, reload bonuses etc.

The presence of a generous bonus offer will only increase your chances of winning, reduce your gambling risks and maximize your profits.

Evaluate the game odds

An essential criterion in choosing your next bookmaker is undoubtedly linked to the game odds made available. Try to carefully evaluate the differences in game odds for each event, perhaps by comparing two or more operators. It is no secret that non-AAMS foreign bookmakers offer more competitive and generous odds than AAMS regulated sites, which are subject to more restrictions and limitations.

Obviously, the higher the game odds, the higher your potential winnings will be. If you then decide to bet in multiples, the presence of competitive odds will make the difference and significantly increase your potential winnings!

Check the wagering restrictions

A High key point is certainly the minimum bet thresholds and the maximum winning amounts per single bet defined by the site. We suggest you always check what the minimum wager threshold is and how much you can get as the maximum win.

For those who like to diversify their cards and have a fairly tight gaming budget, choose bookmakers who have very low minimum wagering thresholds (say less than € 0.50) in order to be able to place numerous bets simultaneously. For High Rollers, or those who play and bet large sums to reach big profits, always keep an eye on what is the limit imposed by the operator for your winnings.


We hope that we have provided you with some valuable tips to act with greater awareness when choosing your next betting site. In our opinion, these are the aspects that make the difference when it comes to betting money on football events. Of course, it all depends on your budget, how you prefer to bet (single, multiple) and what your ultimate expectations are! But we can undoubtedly say that our criteria have universal value and will help you to consciously evaluate (and choose) where to bet!