How to choose the perfect photo for a profile on dating sites

How to choose the perfect photo for a profile on dating sites? Let’s see why it’s so important and how to choose a perfect photograph to impress

Hurry can be bad advice when you first sign up for a dating site. With soaring enthusiasm and the desire to get to know other singles as soon as possible, we often overlook important details that would help us attract more attention. Among these, the profile photo is an element not to be underestimated because it can decide our success or failure on the platform. So let’s see why it’s so important and how to choose a perfect photograph to impress.

Why is it so important to choose a beautiful profile photo?

Let’s not turn around: first impressions matter. A long-term relationship, of course, is based on sharing interests, values ​​and life choices. At the first meeting, however, it is often our image that strikes others, positively or negatively. This is even more true online, where we don’t have gestures, expressions or voices to help us. On a site for singles, therefore, it is the photograph chosen to represent us that determines whether someone will open their profile to find out more or not. It would be a real shame if a potentially compatible person decides not to contact us because we have chosen a photo that is too dark, or from an angle that does not do us justice.

The photo can also be a way to show something of us at first glance. A shot in sportswear, or on a mountain path, or even with the t-shirt of your favorite musical group helps other users to understand us a little better, perhaps convincing them to strike up a button.

Don’t be afraid to show your best sides

For some, insecurities are an obstacle to choosing the ideal photo to use on a dating site. While they want to show themselves in the best light, they fear that this means lying about their real appearance.

There is nothing wrong with highlighting your best sides, choosing a good angle and wearing clothes that fit you well. Indeed, it is quite common behavior.

Those who are not used to taking photographs may not know where to start. The truth is, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to make flattering shots to use as a profile photo on a singles dating site.

One thing to keep in mind is that selfies are not the best choice in this case. According to several studies, in fact, full-length photographs make a better impression and the profiles that use them receive more visits and interactions.

Advice on the perfect single photo

Now let’s find out in more detail how to take an unbeatable single photo. As we have seen, in fact, this is the first step in finding what you are looking for on an online dating site.

Finding the right light

For any photograph, light is the fundamental element that distinguishes a good and a bad image. First of all, when possible it is good to opt for natural light. The light source (preferably the sun) must be in front of the subject, not behind him, otherwise his face will be in shadow and impossible to distinguish.

Try different natural poses

Another common difficulty is not knowing how to pose, assuming rigid and unnatural positions. Fortunately, it is an easy problem to solve: a little practice is all it takes. Using a mirror you can try different positions and facial expressions to find one or two that combine ease and a sense of self-confidence.

Experiment with all angles

In general, a photo of the face taken slightly from above gives more grace to the features. A full-length shot from below, on the other hand, makes you look taller. For each, then, there are angles that are particularly suited to their body and face. By experimenting, you can learn from which angle to take a photograph that does us justice.

Refine the composition

As mentioned, a full-length photo is preferable to a selfie. To this we must add attention to the other elements present in the photograph and to the composition in general. The subject must not be too close to the camera, nor too far away like an indistinguishable figurine.

Latest changes and finishing touches

Finally, you can add simple filters, without exaggerating with the most extreme ones, to give a final touch to the photograph. A good balance can be found by thinking: what do I look like in my best days? This way you will get a nice image, staying away from photos that are artificial and too retouched.

By following these tips you will then be able to take an excellent photograph. Thanks to a carefully chosen image, your chances of making an impression and starting a new acquaintance grow considerably. A little time and effort is all it takes: the results will show up right away.