Summer Game Fest 2021: 2B-inspired skin announced for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

A trailer presented during the 2021 edition of the Summer Game Fest revealed the arrival in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout of a skin inspired by 2B, the protagonist Nier: Automata

The 2021 edition of the Summer Game Fest, which made its debut yesterday (Thursday 10/06/2021), has already proved to be full of anticipations and surprises. The publication of a new trailer of the popular battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, where you can see a player avatar wearing a skin inspired by 2B, the iconic protagonist of the well-known JRPG action NieR: Automata.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, here is the trailer of the avatar wearing the skin inspired by 2B

Despite the trailer of Fall Guys shown during the show focus right on skin inspired by the character of 2B – which will be available starting next June 18 – is very unlikely that the collaboration of the game with NieR Automata goes beyond this aesthetic quote, also because the style difference that divides the two titles is undoubtedly such an obstacle to make any project die in the bud. In addition, Fall Guys in the past has already used skins to pay homage to the classics of video game history or the most successful titles of the moment.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game multiplayer which, as mentioned above, falls within the canons of the Battle Royale, but is distinguished from other titles by its particular approach to the genre. Taking inspiration from TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle e American Gladiators, instead of making players fight each other, he invites them to participate in a series of elimination challenges. Finally, to further embellish the whole, there is then the personal and colorful graphic style that characterizes the aesthetics.

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