How to cool motorhomes and caravans in the summer

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The solutions we can use are many, and among these certainly the portable mini air conditioners are worthy of mention. Let’s get to know them better!

Anyone who loves camping holidays knows that in summer, when the temperatures get really high, it is a great need to be able to freshen up your camper or caravan. Fortunately, today there are various very accessible systems that can be used.

In fact, even in the mountains, when the days are particularly pleasant and it is nice to stay cool outdoors, for closed environments, such as those of campers and caravans exposed to sunlight, the situation could be quite different.

The solutions we can use are many, and among these are certainly worthy of mention i portable mini air conditioners.

Let’s get to know them better and learn more about these products.

Portable mini air conditioners: what they are and how they work

Among the best solutions to cool the passenger compartment of campers and caravans in summer, in addition to the classic fans, there are portable mini air conditioners. But what are they really? What do they have in common with normal air conditioners? Let’s find out together.

In practice they are small, very compact and very comfortable devices, which are able to significantly lower the air temperature, thanks to a much cooler jet than that generated by a common fan (which actually moves only the air). . They are easy to use and can be conveniently transported from one place to another.

That’s why they can also be taken in the camper or caravan. Among other things, often in some parking areas you can use the special columns to recharge them. Even where there is no power, you can for example use a kit inverter to transform direct current into alternating current through the action of the motorhome battery.

We can distinguish between air conditioners without exhaust, which are also called evaporative coolers. They are different from traditional air conditioning systems, in fact they use the condensation principle to work. Water is usually added to these devices.

Air conditioners without exhaust filter the hot air, cool it and put it back into circulation after purifying it. They use evaporation to pass the air through some wet filters, and then make it fresher and cleaner.

But there are also the compression conditioners. They exploit some types of gas, which have the main characteristics of being low-polluting. For example, one of the gases used is R32. Through compression and decompression systems, they determine the lowering or raising of the gas temperature. They work through the motor and the split.

How to cool motorhomes and caravans in the summer

How to choose a mini air conditioner

To choose a mini air conditioner for camper we must consider some fundamental characteristics. First of all, we try to predict the use we want to make of it and how we generally use the vehicle in which we want to insert the mini air conditioner.

In fact, if we spend long periods inside the camper or caravan, we must necessarily choose the most effective and best performing air conditioners. It is necessary to consider, also to choose the right model, the place to install the air conditioner.

For example, we have to consider if we want to install it on the roof or if there are also other essential appliances inside the vehicle. Furthermore, it is also necessary to see to what extent the degree of insulation of the vehicle corresponds. The most modern and perfectly insulated motorhomes may also need air conditioning less powerful to reach the same desired cooling level. Here are some elements to focus on in particular.


Weight is a characteristic to be chosen also based on the usefulness of the device itself. In fact we must remember that the mini air conditioner for campers must be easily transportable. It is perfectly useless to choose a model that weighs too much, if we are unable to fit it inside our camper or caravan, because it is too bulky and difficult to transport.


A similar argument applies to the size. Of course, everything also depends on the width or size of the camper or caravan and everything also depends on how many people will be inside the vehicle. The principle is always valid according to which an air conditioner that is too bulky could not do for us. There are some elegant modelswith a minimal design, even quite small and which adapt to the environment of the camper with a certain discretion.

12 volt socket

Very important is the choice of takes 12 volts, in order to have portable air conditioners of this power. 12 volt RV fans represent the best of what we can achieve in terms of ventilation. You could also choose those of 24 volts, but it is not certain that the vehicle can support a device of this kind. This is why you need to make sure the 12 volts, so that the energy used is of a quantity and a quality capable of being supported by the vehicle and at the same time capable of obtaining an optimal sense of cooling.

Ease of use

The portable mini air conditioner for the camper or caravan must be an easily usable device. It must correspond to gods intuitiveness criteriaso that it can be used by everyone without complications.

The best models

But what are the best models of air conditioners for the camper that we can choose? Certainly there are some recommended which by their characteristics correspond to a sense of practicality and efficiency. Here’s what they are.

Air Artic Cube

Air Artic Cube is a portable mini air conditioner perfect for optimizing consumption, while still inducing an important sense of cooling. It is small and comfortable, its dimensions are small, precisely because it is specially designed to be very easy to use.

As confirmed in the review of the Article Cube on the site The portable air, is an excellent product capable of combining very compact dimensions with very interesting performances.

The power supply consists of a 5V micro USB, so it can be connected to any USB port, a power bank or a charger. It is ideal for regulate breathing, to hydrate the skin and to relax. Furthermore, if used also at night, it can improve the quality of sleep, because in general it acts with a sense of improvement on the quality of the air, since it does not make it dry.

It usually comes with a very intuitive instruction manual and is equipped with a night light which contributes to the feeling of relaxation. It is very important, however, to be careful to buy the original Air Artic Cube indicated on the site, because vulgar imitations are often sold that work little and badly.

Gihikol 4 in 1 Portable Mini Air Conditioner

It’s a 4 in 1 portable air conditioner, which integrates different functions. Specifically, it can act as a fan, humidifier, air cooler and night light. It not only lowers the temperature, but is very helpful in avoiding dry air.

It has excellent portability thanks to the comfortable handle and very low weight, in fact it weighs less than 1 kilo when empty!

It can be adjusted to three different speeds and it is very quiet, as it does not exceed 45 db, so you can also use it while you sleep. It also has a sleep mode. It features a 400ml water tank and LED light. The water tank can run for three to five hours continuously. When the water threshold drops too low, the fan switches off automatically.

A very well studied product, sold on offer on Amazon, which thanks to its extreme versatility and functionality, makes it really an excellent ally against the summer heat.