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How to download the CoD MW3 beta on PS5

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, or CoD MW3 for friends, will open its doors to testers in a few hours: here’s how to download the beta

When we talked about the trailer for the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3the article also gave us the opportunity to mention the trial version, so we thought it best to explain it here how to download the CoD MW3 beta. The title doesn’t lie: we mentioned “on PS5” since it is on Sony consoles that the game will arrive firststarting today, Friday 6 October! There are naturally quibbles and conditions to consider, but we will not fail to dissect everything in the following paragraphs. In other words, therefore, before loading your weapons you will have to unload… well, what, exactly?

First of all | How to download the CoD MW3 beta

In summary, as you will have understood, the CoD MW3 beta arrives today on PS4 and PS5, and to be among the first to access it you will have to make sure you have registered the code before you can download anything. If you have pre-ordered the game, you should have already received the coveted code to redeem the trial version of the game. Then it goes without saying that having a code to enter on PlayStation Store is only half the job; the version to be tested must also be downloaded onto the console. You would think that this download starts by redeeming the text string included with the pre-order of the full game, and we would also like to agree with you…

How to download the CoD MW3 beta on PS5

Bureaucracy | How to download the CoD MW3 beta

Beta is subject to the app COD HQ (“Call of Duty Headquarters”, ed.) on PlayStation. In other words, no the beta does not have a separate app as in previous years. Which is good for simplicity’s sake, but not so good for anyone without the app. If you don’t have the app on your console, you will automatically be left out of the beta. And we mean regardless of whether you have the code in question or not. Since the dances will open today at 19.00… maybe it’s time for us to cut it short, it’s true, but before the next paragraph start downloading the app, it’s worth it.

How to download the CoD MW3 beta on PS5

Code | How to download the CoD MW3 beta

Now, let’s get back to the blessed one code, since we’re repeating the word ad nauseam. There are two cases: either you got it by pre-ordering the digital version of the gameo the store where you booked the physical copy provided it to you. There are no other options. That said, once you have the code, you will have to redeem it. And here too you will have to follow two steps. The first is to go to the official website and make sure you are using the correct account for record the first code (The screenshot below shows an example with Modern Warfare 2). And we say “first” because, for the second, you will receive another twelve-digit code from register on PlayStation Store.

How to download the CoD MW3 beta on PS5

HQ | How to download the CoD MW3 beta

At this point, if you haven’t COD HQ, this is the step of the guide that is most relevant to you. This is actually very simple if you have already purchased Modern Warfare 2, the previous chapter of the militaristic saga by Activision. The app is included when you redownload the game from PlayStation Store. However, assuming you don’t have the predecessor, you can get around the problem by downloading Warzone, which is a free-to-play title. Also in this case, the download will also include the app, from which to access the beta once the associated files (available on the PS Store) are downloaded.

How to download the CoD MW3 beta on PS5

The waiting game

And if instead you do not have the beta code? In this case, on PS5, the wait gets longer… up to Sunday 8 Octoberwhen the beta is accessible to all Sony users regardless of whether it has the code or not. It is “only” (quote for fans of the series) an extra forty-eight hours of waiting, after which you can simply download the free application dedicated to the beta and join the other players. However, you will still need COD HQ to be able to engage in shootings, then return to the previous step. On other platformsthe beta part from Thursday 12th for those who have pre-ordered and on the weekend between Saturday 14th and Monday 16th for everyone.

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