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Call of Duty Warzone: Urzikstan map revealed

“Eastern Europe meets the Middle East”: Urzikstan is the latest map to join the Call of Duty Warzone metagame, here are the details

The boys of Activision e Raven Software they revealed the new map to enter the family of Call of Duty Warzonean oriental mixed fry called Urzikstan. Described as “a large, all-new map where the Middle East meets Eastern Europe, designed with eleven memorable points of interest along with other smaller areas.” Leaving aside a de rigueur “ouch” for the choice in terms of setting, the map borders the republic of Adal, where the other Middle Eastern war zone of Warzone is located, Al Mazrah. The game’s official blog goes into more detail about what the eleven points of interest consist of, but the update is not limited to this.

Not just the Urzikstan map: here are the other new features for Call of Duty Warzone

To start, Call of Duty Warzone players will be able to clear a slide with a leap or duck. Operators have an advantage in this move, but jumps are improved for everyone, with less slowdowns following landing. Using the Tac-Stance to move sideways more quickly will lead us to choose whether to prioritize speed or aiming. THE quality-of-life changes will include automatic use of gas masks equipped in the Loadout, less problems finding Contracts and advantages with guns when swimming and climbing. A period of fire and lead awaits us for Call of Duty, given the imminent beta of Modern Warfare 3.

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