The Sandman: Thor and Loki in the second season?

Empoli-Udinese: dove vedere la partita?

The Sandman was a success on Netflix and for this reason the second season was announced which, according to the latest rumors, should show the Norse gods, including Thor and Loki

The first season of The Sandman, inspired by Neil Gaiman’s original work, tells the story of the God of Dreams, Morpheus, in an attempt to make up for the mistakes he has made throughout his entire existence. The series has found enormous success, so it was rather predictable that the second season would be filmed. We had the opportunity to admire the Greek mythological figures, this time it seems instead in The Sandman vedremo Thor e Lokithe two main deities of Norse mythology and this is revealed by the well-known insider Daniel Ritchman.

The Sandman: Thor and Loki in the second season?

The Sandman: non solo Thor e Loki!

The arrival of the God of Thunder and the God of Deception are great additions to the world Neil Gaiman created, but it seems that they won’t be the only great characters to enter the world of The Sandman. Thor and Loki, in fact, according to the moderators of the DCEU Leaks Subreddit, will be joined by Odin and Hades, two fundamental figures of Norse and Greek mythology, but that’s not all. As we can deduce from the set photos, the second season will be about the heartbreaking story of the son of Morpheus and Calliope: Orpheus. Finally, before the strike it was rumored that Esme Creed-Miles was in talks to play the role of Delirium and Alexander England the role of Destructiontwo other eternals of Neil Gaiman’s comic book history.

The Norse gods play a key role in the world of The Sandman, Thor, Loki and Odin, in fact, in an Audible audiodrama, entitled The Sandman: Season of Miststhe trio travels to the dream world to Morpheus in search of the key to Hell. In this story, Thor is different from his Marvel counterpart, he is a big man with little intelligence, muscular, bearded, rude, rude and drunk, a much more faithful version of the mythological Thor, Odin on the contrary is small, wise, hooded and carries with him his his two ravens Huginn and Muninn, Loki has a more crucial role in the story, putting Morpheus in difficulty several times, showing himself to be a formidable opponent. You will find out if these rumors are true as the months go by, on tuttotek you can stay updated about The Sandman and other films and TV series.

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