Mobilità elettrica, nel 2022 auto in calo e boom delle due ruote thumbnail

Electric mobility, in 2022 cars in decline and two-wheeler boom

Il 2022 it turned out to be a negative year for electric four-wheelersgiving way to the electric scooters and to two-wheeled vehicles in general.

Electric scooters predominate over cars

The sector of electric car sales recorded significant declines, with all-electric cars declining by 27%. On the other hand, the two-wheeler area did very well, where there was a satisfactory result +54%.

These data are attributable to the seventh edition of the study Sustainable mobility and electric vehicles by Repowerwhich show how during what we could define as an unfortunate year, the Italians have decided to reward two wheels.

According to the report, one of the causes that contributed to the decline in sales of hybrid and full electric cars is certainly the energy crisis which held court throughout 2022. Here are some of the sore points of many companies around the world: shortage of raw materials, excessive costs for those available, the war in Ukraine and the rise in energy prices.

Despite this, focusing on electric two-wheelers has been the best choice for many people, so much so that nationwide there are almost 10,000 electric scooters registered. Probably, also thanks to the trends of the last few years in the electric automotive industry and the new one on two wheels, these results have also had an impact on the growth in the presence of electric columns in Italy.

What is certain is that despite the energy and global crisis, a line has been drawn: whether they are four or two wheels, the choice to buy an electric vehicle is imbued with a not indifferent ethicality.

The same European Union is now directed towards a full electric by 2035, as well as several important automotive companies. For the future, therefore, and to reduce CO2 emissions, the hope is that more and more people can convert to electricity, thus contributing to safeguarding the planet.

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