How to find out if my iPhone has been hacked

Hackers are always ready to exploit any vulnerability and today we will see how we can find out if our iPhone has been hacked

Never before has safety been more important than today. Our devices, especially smartphones, are a very tempting database for hackers who have decided to target them. By now on smartphones we have all our important contacts but not only. On these small devices in fact sensitive data is often stored such as passwords for corporate accounts or even those relating to our credit cards.

Surely no one will want to wake up one day with their bank account drained or discovering that they have suffered identity theft. In short, undergoing these attacks is certainly not pleasant. But how can we find out if our iPhone has been hacked or not? Certainly some programs like KidsGuard Pro for iOS they can help defend themselves and eliminate many of the worries that can grip a user. Let’s start this article and find out together.

How to find out if my iPhone has been hacked

The signs that make us understand that our iPhone has been hacked

It is not always easy to understand if our mobile phone is healthy or not, yet sometimes there are signals so evident that they make us understand if someone spies on our iPhone. Let’s find out together below.

High data usage

The first and perhaps the most obvious of all is a high data usage compared to the standard threshold. In fact, usually this does not fluctuate much above even during more intense use of the smartphone. This fluctuation can also occur in a few days, but will still be occasional. However, if our device has been hacked then this will almost always be higher and by a lot too. In short, the exchange of data certainly does not go unnoticed.

Pop-up misteriosi

A second signal that could make us understand that our device has been compromised is certainly the appearance of pop-ups unknown to us. Obviously not all of them are synonymous with a breach, however some constant warnings that the phone has been hit by some adware. These are nothing more than a form of malware that forces devices to view certain pages that generate revenue through clicks. Others might be phishing links that attempt to trick users into typing sensitive information or downloading more malware.

Significant decrease in battery life

The battery life of a smartphone decreases over time and this is well known. It shouldn’t make you suspicious of a decline in duration over the long term, quite the opposite. Continuous use and daily recharging tend to reduce the life of the batteries. If, on the other hand, you notice a sudden drop in this sense then you will have to ask yourself some questions. Lot of malware, or spy software, they can use your own smartphone to scan the device and send all the data they need to third-party servers.

Therefore, always pay close attention to the battery life through the appropriate monitoring resource present in every smartphone. If you notice this sudden drop in battery life and if you cross-check your data usage, then you will have to immediately run for cover.

Performance drop when iPhone is hacked

In addition to the battery, another drop that could make you alarm is the one concerning the performance of your smartphone. Let me be clear, these too will tend to decline over time. It is a natural consequence linked to the use of the smartphone and the advancement of technology thanks to the updates of operating systems and various apps. However, just the malware mentioned above, due to their functionality, may be the cause of this decline.

This is because they exploit resources that should be allocated to the applications installed on our smartphone, saturating the device. This can cause continuous application crashes and some of these may even continue to run despite our various attempts to shut down. Furthermore, the smartphone may freeze and restart itself continuously due to this problem.

How to find out if my iPhone has been hacked

Who could hack my iPhone?

By now we live in terror of being spied on by any political body and we forget that sometimes “ordinary people” are the ones we should be most careful of. We are so caught up in films about espionage and anything else that we dream of being hacked by the state, or those who work for it, that we end up believing that we are important people, but this is not my friend.

Unless you are truly an important person – journalist or political dissident – and you live in one of those countries where freedom of expression is truly a utopia, you can sleep peacefully. If your iPhone has been hacked for sure it will be some “common person” who is trying to spy on you. Maybe it will be a neighbor of yours, but more likely it will be some bad guy who is trying to trick you into getting money. Therefore, before shouting the conspiracy, make sure you haven’t clicked on any deceptive advertisements because 90% of the time we are our own hackers.

How to find out if my iPhone has been hacked

What to do if my iPhone has been hacked?

However, if you have encountered one of the signs listed above, the first thing to do is definitely to download an app that can defend your smartphone and therefore your sensitive data. If you are the owner of an Android device and by chance you have come across this guide, then our advice falls on Bitdefender O McAfee for their multiple functions that allow you to safeguard the devices in every aspect.

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone you will surely be more protected, but these devices can also be hacked. In fact, for every code there is always a way to get around it, so know that you are in danger too. In this case we recommend the use of KidsGuard Pro for iOS. Thanks to this very useful program you can in fact safeguard your device in multiple situations.

This software is capable of providing a coverage for over 20 features such as calls, SMS, WhatsApp and so on. Furthermore jailbreak is not required, so you won’t run the risk of compromising the security of your iPhone. Installation is fast and in just 5 minutes the program will be ready to protect you, guaranteeing absolute security even on deleted files that are checked and monitored.

It is also capable of update and sync data every time via Wi-Fithus ensuring freedom from any type of USB cable. It is also capable of provide coverage even on iCloud in a simple and non-invasive way. In short, a good solution for those who own an iPhone and want to enjoy an extra degree of protection. What do you think of this software? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the mobile universe, keep following the pages of!