Come aumentare il traffico al sito web

How to increase website traffic

How to increase traffic to website? Here are the best SEO strategies to increase the number of visits, users, qualified leads and online conversions

How to increase traffic to your website? Having a well-finished, updated and aesthetically pleasing site is not everything: in fact, without a good positioning on search engines, you will not get any visibility. Improving the online presence of your site therefore means exponentially increasing the chances of being found on the web by new potential customers, thus making your business grow and gradually increasing your profits.

In this short guide we will see how to optimize a site from an SEO perspective to significantly increase the number of visits, leads generated and online conversions.

SEO: how to increase traffic?

Per increase traffic to your website, you need to plan a targeted and effective strategy to scale your positioning on search engines and outrun your competitors. Often, companies choose to turn to aSEO agency for the development of the strategy and for the implementation of the same, initiating a collaboration that provides for an in-depth analysis of the starting site and the planning of corrective actions to optimize online positioning. In fact, contacting an agency allows companies to entrust the management of digital marketing activities to a team of professional SEO Specialists, maximizing the return on online performance and thus obtaining the maximum obtainable results.

Search Engine Optimization strategies are varied and often require a 360-degree approach. So here it is how to increase online traffic in 4 basic steps.

1. Optimize the website

The first step for improve your ranking on Google is certainly to optimize your website by correcting the imperfections that penalize the ranking of the pages. Carrying out an SEO Audit before planning any change is in fact an excellent method for identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Here is a list of the main points to check during an audit:

  • Page loading speed, accessibility and quality of the User Experience.
  • Responsibility and adaptation of the site on different desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Completeness of text content, snippets (title and metadescription), alt text and image metadata.
  • Correctness of the structure for the Information Architecture, of the HTML tags, of the URLs and of the internal/external links.
  • Presence of Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and structured data ( files.
  • Absence of duplicate content, keyword stuffing, 404 errors, broken links, bad backlinks and other penalizing factors.

Knowing exactly the “state of health” of your site is the first step in planning optimization interventions and thus improve its performance in terms of impressions, clicks and user sessions.

2. Plan SEO oriented content

The planning of new content takes place through the search for valuable keywords that are perfectly in line with one’s business and with one’s reference audience. The great advantage of organic SEO is precisely this: it allows you to reach your target at the exact moment in which the user needs specific information on a specific topic, product or service. This is why keyword research is a fundamental step for get found online from new potential customers and increase traffic, leads and online sales.

Once the most suitable keywords have been selected, the reference SERP analyzed and the editorial plan (PED) defined, it is important to develop usable, useful and valuable text content for the user and, at the same time, optimized for the quality standards assessed by the Google crawlers. The copywriting phase is therefore a very delicate step and not to be underestimated when the objective is precisely to position oneself among the first results of search engines.

3. Fare Link Building e Digital PR

The link building is an SEO technique aimed at increasing the number of incoming links of one’s website, with the aim of improving its organic positioning. Thanks to quality links from authoritative sites, the site receiving the backlinks inherits part of the domain authority, favoring the ranking process on search engines.

Another digital marketing tactic is that of Digital PR, which is nothing more than the online version of traditional PR (Public Relations). This SEO strategy consists of networking with journalists, bloggers and influencers to increase the reputation of your brand and increase traffic to your website. Also in this case, the quality of the backlinks is an important ranking factor, and the link juice coming from authoritative sites can significantly influence the positioning on the reference SERPs.

4. Increase traffic sources

Finally, one last piece of advice is to increase the traffic sources. As obvious as it may seem, it is good to remember that a greater visibility online it can also be obtained thanks to links coming from one’s social pages or from one’s own Google Business Profile card. Increasing traffic sources means maximizing the chances that the site will also be visited by users from other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest or TikTok.

In conclusion, we can say that taking care of the online presence of your brand at 360 degrees allows companies to expand their business by creating a large community of people around their brand. Adopting a multi-channel strategy is therefore the best solution for achieving important business objectives and obtaining the best possible results.