Uonderbois: a new Italian TV series on Disney Plus

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Uonderbois is the title of a new Italian TV series that will be available on Disney Plus and which will focus on the legends of the city of Naples.

The title is Uonderbois and it is a new all-Italian TV series that will be available on Disney Plus, on a date yet to be defined. Not much information is known about this new TV series yet, but it is certainly clear that filming began in December 2022 and this, thanks to an Instagram post from Disney Plus.

Uonderbois: a new TV series on Disney Plus

The platform has in fact published an image of the clapperboard with the title of the series, against a typically Neapolitan background, made up of hanging red horns and other dried traditional elements.

Uonderbois: a new Italian TV series on Disney Plus

The series is in full production, with filming just starting, so not many details of the plot are known, but we do know that all the stories are framed by the popular Neapolitan legends, in particular of Naples. The direction is by Andrea De Sica and Giorgio Romano, as the image published on social media suggests and the protagonists are young boys.

These youngsters are five twelve-year-olds, with so much imagination that they believe in the existence of the Uonderboi myth, a cross between Munaciello and today’s Robin Hood. With this conviction they will enter underground Naples on a journey between fantasy and real life. A synopsis that suggests a lot of adventure, enthusiasm of a world seen through the eyes of young people full of expectations and certainly a bit of magical realism.

A plot that intrigues a lot, especially for its originality, since it is a totally Italian series and the second arriving in this period on Disney Plus, after the success of Boris 4.

In the cast of the series there are, Serena Rossi, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Junior Rodriguez, Melissa Caturano, Catello Buonocore, Christian Chiummariello, Gennaro Filippone, Giordana Marengo, Giovanni Esposito, Ernesto Mahieux, Francesco Di Leva, Ivana Lotito and Nino D’Angelo.

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