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How to increase YouTube views? 11 tricks that work

What matters on YouTube is the number of users who watch the channel’s videos, having many views is everyone’s goal on the platform

YouTube certainly needs no introduction, it is the platform on which 1 billion hours are viewed daily, more than Facebook video and Netflix combined, to understand.

We are talking about the most important search engine on the planet after Google and more than 60% of companies in the world have their own channel, on which they publish content and thanks to which they see sales soar.

In short, it is a giant that gives its members the keys to access an unprecedented catchment area.

What matters on Youtube is the number of users who watch the videos of the channel, having many views is the goal of everyone on the platform. The question that every youtuber asks himself whether he is an influencer, a celebrity, a company or a simple user, is always the same: How to increase the views on YouTube?

This question is probably the one thing that unites all the people active on YouTube which, incidentally, are more than 2 billion.

Well, if publishing a video on your YouTube channel is very simple – just think that 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute – having a successful channel is much more complicated. On YouTube, in fact, the competition is very high, prepared and of excellent quality. However, this platform is full of success stories, of people who, from nothing, have managed to create a famous channel.

All these people have employed effective strategies to achieve the goal, let’s see what are the 11 tricks that work the most:

1. Create interesting video content for the YouTube channel

Quality has always been and always will be the key to success, even in video. No matter how many strategies and tricks they put into practice, users are knowledgeable and intelligent, they won’t be fooled by poor content. The videos must, first of all, be interesting for the niche of the audience they are aimed at. Among the most searched and loved videos there are certainly tutorials but it is not a must, you can make various types of videos, the important thing is that it is the right content for the target audience and that it is captivating.

There are a few steps you should follow to create a quality video for your channel:

Before uploading a video, it is a good idea to create a sort of storyboard, to plan when and how to communicate important messages or include calls to action.

Once the structure of the video is created, the next step is to write a script, using simple, clear and incisive language. The content must tell the audience something that interests them and that they don’t already know.

At this point you can think about the images, establish what you want to show and, if necessary, prepare the environment and props.

Whenever possible, the ideal would be to add your own branding in the background.

After doing some tests you can finally turn.

When the video is finished you can move on to editing. It is very important that the beginning of the video hooks the viewers, it must therefore be interesting and without unnecessary scenes. You can also add filters and effects that will help to give a recognizable aesthetic identity that must be the same for all videos on the YouTube channel.

2. Optimize YouTube video for SEO

YouTube is, above all else, a search engine. This means that its algorithm is governed by precise metrics that must be exploited to one’s advantage with the most appropriate SEO (search engine optimization) language. To do this you will need to use tools. There are some that in addition to offering tools for SEO optimization, give the possibility to do different types of analysis and research, for example on which are the most popular trends of the moment on the YouTube platform, or the topics that have the most chance of get a good number of views. In addition, some applications can automate publications at the best time.

To increase YouTube views, therefore, SEO is a very precious resource, to which the right attention must be paid.

3. Use reputable providers to increase YouTube video views

This is one of the secrets of successful influencers. In reality, it is no longer such a secret practice since, given its surprising effectiveness, it has spread at a surprising speed. A sure and sure way to increase the views on the videos of your YouTube channel is to buy them.

This strategy is particularly recommended for:

  • Una start up. As soon as you open a YouTube channel, the biggest problem is that the first few YouTube views are the hardest to get. In this case, one of the secrets to save time and energy is precisely to buy the first subscribers and the first views for the videos of your YouTube channel.
  • A successful YouTube channel. If a channel, with 1 million subscribers, publishes a failed video, at least a million people will notice it. The web reputation is difficult to build, for this reason it must be protected. It always happens, but everyone, to have more stagnant periods. In those moments, being able to increase the YouTube views of your videos can turn a crisis into an opportunity.
  • A YouTube channel on the rise. An influencer, a brand that is building its image should never, for any reason, reverse the growth trend. Yet, as you climb to success and experiment, perhaps, it can happen that something does not go as expected. In this case, buying YouTube views is the most effective way out of the impasse. It is an investment that should be made at regular intervals over a long period.

Increasing YouTube views, by turning to specialized sites, is a minimal investment that will bring great results to the channel, both in the immediate and in the long term.

Given the success of this strategy, new sites are emerging every day that offer this service and, unfortunately, not all of them are reliable.

Those who want to increase the views of their YouTube channel must choose their provider very carefully, otherwise they risk wasting their money and, in the worst cases, damaging the reputation of their channel.

The top of the European and Italian market is represented by two sites, of proven effectiveness and quality:

Buy andFollower

BuyFollower is the most famous and used site. Dominate the YouTube view market and beyond. It is a high quality provider that offers a large amount of social media packages. On this site you can buy all kinds of services for the most important platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. But, unlike its competitors, it is equally provided for the more niche and emerging realities. Furthermore, for each social network, offers are available that allow your account to take off with a minimum investment but, it is also possible to find complete offers, able to cover a 360 ° social media marketing campaign.

The BuyFollower developer team includes the best European professionals who from time to time propose the most advanced solutions well in advance of the competition.

Furthermore, on this site, all purchases are covered by a guarantee and accepted payment methods, ranging from the classic credit card to cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, those who buy YouTube views for the videos of their channel usually do not want to be known and BuyFollowers has earned the trust of its customers thanks to its very high levels of secrecy and security.


  • 30-day money-back and top-up guarantee on YouTube views and any other products
  • Maximum discretion, BuyFollower never asks for login credentials to an account, therefore the purchase is anonymous
  • Excellent value for money
  • Advanced security standards
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Simple YouTube view purchase process in just a few steps.

Buy YouTube views.


SocialBoss is part of the nobility among web service providers. It is a well-known provider and famous for its quality, not just in the context of YouTube views. It is the favorite site of influencers and industry professionals, as it allows you to cover all the needs of a campaign on social networks and the packages offered, as well as being of high quality, are incredibly flexible and modular, allowing you to make very personalized operations. Newbies, on the other hand, appreciate the comprehensive and detailed descriptions that help choose the option that best suits their channel or profile.

This site also often launches promotional campaigns that allow you to considerably cut spending. Even on SocialBoss, customer discretion and safety are a top priority.


  • Very modular packages of YouTube views and more
  • Immediate delivery of views or staggered according to the needs of the YouTube channel
  • Maximum discretion
  • Professional and responsive customer support
  • Money back or reinstatement guarantee on all products.

4. Create effective thumbnail previews of the YouTube video

Thumbnails are the thumbnail images of a YouTube video. That would be to say that users choose whether or not to watch a YouTube video also depending on what intrigues them the thumbnail. It goes without saying, therefore, that the quality of the video thumbnails on the channel is directly proportional to the number of YouTube views.

When uploading a video to YouTube, you can choose an auto-generated thumbnail, however it is best not to. One of the most effective tricks to increase YouTube views is to create and upload a customized preview of the video, which is able to capture the curiosity of YouTube users and increase the number of views.

Professionals, in fact, begin to think about the video thumbnail before even starting to shoot and study in every detail the characteristics of the scene designed to attract the public.

The best previews have:

  • Close-ups of one or more protagonists
  • Bright colors as a background
  • A little bit of text
  • The YouTube channel logo.

Also, let’s not forget that technique plays an important role in the production of YouTube videos. The most recommended settings are:

  • Resolution: 1280 × 720
  • Ratio: 16: 9
  • Size less than 2MB
  • Formati: GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG

5. Transcribe YouTube videos

YouTube is, among other things, a social network with a very large and international audience, this means that, in many cases, a transcription is necessary, both for linguistic and disability issues.

It will then be the public, or individual users, to decide whether to activate or deactivate the subtitles but the fact that they are there will demonstrate a care and attention that people notice and appreciate. On top of that, transcribing YouTube videos requires very little effort. It will be enough to create a document of …

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