How to organize a funeral with an online price comparator

How to organize a funeral with an online price comparator? Let’s find out how to compare different quotes with a simple click

Organize a funeral it’s not easy, especially if the deceased is a loved one. Often, in fact, one relies on approximate and hasty solutions, in order not to think too much about one’s loss. Precisely for the need to meet people, for face this difficult time, a useful platform has been created to connect the needs of consumers with the services offered by the various funeral homes. It is about Lastello, a price comparator which offers the opportunity to compare different quotes from funeral homes with a simple click.

How much does a funeral cost?

The average cost of a funeral varies depending on the location and obviously on the services chosen and the type of funeral. Generally, it goes from 1250 euros for a traditional burial, with an inexpensive box and wagon, (to which the dressing service of the body must eventually be added) up to 3000/3300 euros for a “noble” funeral where, in general, some services are included such as the dressing of the body. To the general prices, then, they must be added taxes and cemetery expenses which are different from municipality to municipality. In general, however, in the areas of southern Italy the complete funeral costs a few hundred euros less than in the northern regions (source Since this is an expense that can particularly burden the family budget, some funeral homes also offer the possibility of pay in installments.

Organize a funeral

The first step in organizing a funeral is to choose which funeral agency to contact. With Lastello it is possible to obtain diversified proposals from the best funeral agencies, in order to find the quote that offers the best combination of quality and price in real time, setting the parameters that regulate the choice. Also, before choosing who to trust, you can consult the opinions of other users who have opted for a particular funeral home. Once you have identified the solution that best suits your needs, you can get in touch directly with it, or, if necessary, use the support from a consultant.

How Lastello works

As already mentioned, to make a comparison of the services offered by the multiple funeral homes on the platform, it is necessary set several parameters. You have to choose, first of all, the type of funeral, including classic (burial in the niche); burial on the ground (inhumation) and cremation with urn. For the first two options it is also necessary to choose a chest to store the body of the deceased, between basic, standard or luxury model. In any case, the price is also included the padding, a religious symbol and the plaque with the name of the deceased. We must then move on to the type of hearse, also in this case between basic, standard or luxury. Gods can also be added optional services to be included in the estimate, such as flowers (casing cover, cushion or crown), cash desk valets (mandatory in some Italian locations) and the dressing of the body. At this point, you can view the different quotes and fill out a form with your personal data to contact the chosen agency directly.