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How to report a computer crime

The authority responsible for receiving reports and complaints is the Postal Police. Through the “Web reporting of telematic crimes” service, it is possible to start the procedure already online

Technology has definitely changed the way to access products and services, making everything faster and more accessible. The downside, however, is the increase in crimes related to the computer universe. The hacker attacks they can target individuals or entire corporations. Here’s what to do when you fall victim to one cyber crimine.

Specialized experts and lawyers

Both as a preliminary step and in the event of litigation, theexpert assistance in the IT sector it is of crucial importance. If there is a need to recover or analyze data, for example, Bit4law takes on the task of IT CTP, i.e. the part technical advice. The computer CTP is necessary in all cases in which the acquisition of evidence present on telematic supports is required, even outside the field of computer crimes. Furthermore, in recent years, many law firms have been able to cope with this new area in which assistance is required. Thanks to measures such as the Cybersecurity Actwhich already entered into force in 2019, the aim is to find common strategies also at European level, in order to guarantee the application of the law in this field, where unfortunately there are still many gray areas.

Online and in-office reporting

The authority in charge of receiving reports and complaints is the Police post. Through the “Web-based reporting of telematic crimes” service, it is possible start the practice already online. A protocol number will be provided and following the notification, it will be possible to go to the headquarters of the police station for all the details and to receive information on the next steps to be taken. This service has also been made available for speed up practice in the initial stages and demonstrates the extreme attention that even the authorities have towards this type of crime.

The most common computer crimes

Among the crimes that are included in the penal code are the unauthorized access to computer systems, credit card and email data theft, online shopping scams, identity theft and phishing. These crimes can also have serious consequences, such as dissemination of sensitive corporate data, the violation of current accounts and related loss of money and the (apparent) involvement in crimes related to money laundering and the deep web. To defend themselves, various hardware and software technologies can be deployed, such as security routers, antivirus updates, scanning and analysis of the corporate network.

Ransomware: thefts with ransom demands

Il ransomware is a type of particularly damaging attack and unfortunately very widespread both among companies and among individuals. Access to the terminal, to the PC network and to all the data contained therein is “seized” by hackers, who promise the return of the stolen goods following the payment of a certain amount of money. Since you are dealing with criminals, not only is it wrong to pay, but this does not offer the certainty that you will be able to have access to your data again: after the payment has been made, other requests for money can follow. In this case, therefore, it is necessary report the crime and, while the identity of these hackers can sometimes be difficult to ascertain, it is good that the authorities are informed of what is happening, in order to be able to provide all possible assistance.