How to save on streaming subscriptions like Netflix?

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After the recent increases, many have begun to complain. Then we will explain how to save on streaming subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and many others

Subscriptions allow us to access services that certainly improve our lives, but in the same way the number of subscriptions weighs on our monthly expenses. However, these platforms offer multiple profiles or family group plans, which can save a lot if used jointly. But what to do safely? You can certainly organize it with friends and relatives, but it is not always possible to find the service that satisfies everyone.

How to save on streaming subscriptions like Netflix?

Save money on streaming subscriptions by sharing

This is why special platforms were born. Coosub for example allows you to make it easy to create and share a family group or shared profile on the main streaming platforms. Among the most famous ones on the list we obviously find Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and also subscriptions that help us study and work. This will allow us to access streaming services, without reducing the monthly expense to a minimum. Here is a list of the main services supported by Coosub:

How to use Coosub to save on your subscription

The platform it is very easy to useeven if you have never used such a site: go to Coosub and click on “Login/Register” at the top right, then enter your e-mail address and receive a verification code to complete the registration.

All subscriptions are managed by the platform and strictly follow the official rules of each service. Numbers are generated for each person who decides to share the subscription which allows you to have an individual and private profile. Just choose the desired service and leave everything to the platform! You can too get a 5% discount on all subscriptions with ours promotional code “EVERYTHING”, accessing from here. Once payment is completed, you will immediately receive your login credentials or the family invitation link.

Is Coosub reliable?

Like other similar services, shared subscriptions do not violate any laws. We know Netflix doesn’t like sharing accounts, but there is no legislation that prohibits it. At most, since it goes against the user agreement, you could face deactivation of the account. However Coosub strictly controls the quality of shared groups and profiles, all based on official requirements, so you don’t take any risks. Thanks to the work of this platform you will be able to access video, music, study and work streaming services, greatly reducing the monthly cost. Furthermore, an after-sales service is also provided for any problems with your account. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!