Persona 3 Reload: remake trailer leak with release date

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The blue episode arrives on the green-tinged console: in this Persona 3 Reload leak, the remake trailer shows the release date

The recent ones leak seem to suggest that Atlus is ready to make several major announcements about the well-known Shin Megami Tensei spinoff, and now we have a trailer Of Persona 3 Reloadchatted remakewith attached exit date. The announcement in question should have been scheduled for the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase (of which, as you may have guessed, we will make a recap), given the material present in the tweet below. There has been talk of a new coat of paint for the third chapter for some time, and apparently Atlus’ impatience betrayed the development team enough to upload the video in advance on the page of Instagram. Apologies to Atlus for the Streisand effect he could have done without, but the surprise effect (or should we say “Last surprise”?) faded the moment the trailer was released.

The remake you don’t expect (but Atlus doesn’t wait for): Persona 3 Reload trailer and release date leak

Confirming the recent leaks in this regard, the title of the remake is Persona 3 Reload. The announcement trailer briefly showcases the new cutscenes, polished graphics, some combat, dungeons, side activities, and more. Furthermore, despite the promise of a multi-platform future for the series by Atlus, the Xbox logo stands out proudly in the presentation video: a detail that will not escape us during the Xbox Games Showcase the day after tomorrow evening. As for the game, we know it will be released at early 2024 and which, unlike other titles in the series, will use the Unreal Engine. We also know that it will be released on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, and that at launch it will be on Game Pass. We can predict the arrival on PS5 and PS4 given Atlus’ past, but as far as Nintendo Switch is concerned, we will have to be patient.

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