HP participates in Fiera Didacta Italia

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HP is present at the Didacta Italia Fair, underway in Florence, with the aim of encouraging the debate on the world of education between institutions, associations and entrepreneurs. During the most important event on the world of school in Italy, HP has chosen to take stock of the situation on its solutions to ensure a better teaching experience and continuous training.

HP participates in Fiera Didacta Italia

In addition, HP presented on the occasion of Fiera Didacta Italia Reinvent te Classroom International, a new global program, created in collaboration with some partners, which aims to introduce new digital solutions in the education sector, transforming teaching, space and school learning. For students it is also available HP LIFEa free learning platform that is part of HPO’s digital equity project that aims to involve 150 million people worldwide by 2030. Already 50 million students have used modules available on HP Life.

The company comment

Here is the comment of Marianna D’Angelo, Education Lead, HP Italy, on the company’s participation in Fiera Didacta Italia: “The technological modalities developed in the pandemic phase have created a new hybrid reality that has also had effects in the school world, giving life to different learning paradigms. In this process, technology has confirmed itself as an enabling factor for teaching and learning, because it is conceived from a hybrid perspective, with safe devices, designed for a collaborative logic. In addition to creating innovative devices, HP focuses on transforming and developing skills, promoting virtual spaces where you can access content and contributions. Participation in Didacta is for us a fundamental moment of comparison and sharing with the world of Education “.