HP unveils new solutions to improve collaboration and productivity

HP svela nuove soluzioni per migliorare la collaborazione e la produttività thumbnail

HP continues its innovation program by feeding the collaboration in real time and the co-creation for high performance workflows in order to increase the productivity. The company continues to work to create an ecosystem of remote solutions that can ensure smooth collaboration and accelerate workflows with the ability to iterate in real time from any location and environment. Taking advantage of the enriched offer of HP software enabled digital servicesFurthermore, creators can communicate seamlessly and develop their ideas better and even faster.

HP’s new solutions for collaboration and productivity

Among the innovations announced in these days there is an enhancement of the Z by HP remote service. For users there is the possibility of being able to count on an annual subscription of Teradici CAS and ZCentral Remot Boost. Furthermore, for creators, thanks to HP software enabled digital services, there is the possibility to maximize productivity by performing theremote access to Z workstations with NVIDIA RTX and Omniverse Enterprise.

Solutions also for Linux

Of note, HP is introducing its data science software stack for Linux workflow. The collaboration with Microsoft on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) will provide users with many benefits. There will, in fact, be the possibility of exploiting the development benefits guaranteed by Ubuntu matching them with Windows manageability and corporate security.