Pac-Man Museum +: how to celebrate 40 years of waka waka

How can we celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest videogame icons of all time? But with Pac-Man Museum + coming out for Nintendo Switch of course

Per celebrate therefore i 40 years of history, coins, cabin cruisers and ghosts devoured by this authentic retrogaming icon, Bandai Namco has decided to reward the many fans of the yellow ball, not pink otherwise we would be talking about Kirby, with Pac-Man Museum+. But let’s go ahead with some order!

Pac-Man Museum +: is it coming for 2022?

As you can see inside the trailer that we report below, Pac-Man Museum+ essentially consists of one collection of 14 titles belonging to the past including, some of them have not been republished for quite some time!

These 14 games, including the remix version, the 256, the first official sequel and so on and so forth, they can then be customized and come with a mission-based progression system. You will earn coins which can, in turn, be used to unlock others or even new unique items.

As for its release date, for the time being, Bandai Namco has stated that the title will be published “at the beginning of 2022” and it will be playable on both Nintendo Switch than on other consoles which will be revealed shortly. For real a great opportunity, especially for younger gamers, to recover some of the fundamental chapters of a legend that has never really stopped being talked about.

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