Destination Zero in the city of Jaguar Land Rover makes a stop in Trentino

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Jaguar Land Rover Italy announced the third stage of his project Destination Zero in the city. The project aims at the exploration, research and development of an increasingly sustainable mobility. In particular, eco-green locations are sought to be discovered and experienced every day in their own cities. After the stops in Milan and Rome, Destination Zero in the city stops at Trento and Bolzano, third stage of the Haguar Land Rover Italia project.

Destination Zero in the city of Jaguar Land Rover Italy makes a stop in Bolzano

The company has chosen Trento and Bolzano as new stages of its Destination Zero in the city. A Trento, on board the Range Rover Velar, areas have been identified such as the coworking Impact Hub Trentino and, for shopping, the Details Design Store in the center. At Villa Persani it is possible to taste Bio-Vegan certified wines and juices. For your stay it is possible to rely on Hotel Be Place which guarantees an energy-saving rest.

A visit to MUSE, the museum dedicated to sustainability and the environment, is also recommended. With regard to Bolzano, with the Jaguar F-Pace and its 53 kilometers of electric autonomy, the Waaghaus coworking areas, a 12th century house with a look to the future, and NOI Techpark have been identified. For shopping, however, focus on KAURI STORE. while for tasting there is the Loacker Estate.

The complete guide

For all the details on Destination Zero in the city you can refer to official website From the portal you can download the guides for Trento and Bolzano and also retrieve the guides for Milan and Rome, the first two stages of the tour.