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Huawei FreeBuds SE review: cheap and satisfying

In this review we will be able to talk extensively about the Huawei FreeBuds SE, cheap earphones but with style and excellent sound

The in-ear earphone market is in constant turmoil and the proposals of the companies are growing dramatically. The Chinese giant Huawei has always produced products that flawlessly combine performance and price; today’s is no exception: Huawei FreeBuds SE. From the unboxing, to the technical characteristics, passing through the user experience, I will try to take you with me in what has been a trial Very satisfying of a product with some neo, but extremely mature e performance.

Packaging and unboxing | Huawei FreeBuds SE review

The packaging, which has always been considered the business card of the company, plays a fundamental role in my opinion. The Huawei packages in this are impeccable and perfectly balance two paradigms: elegance e minimalism. The choice of colours, the white for the packaging with gold lettering, the image of the headphones and the back of the box which offers a clear view of the main features of the product. Inside the package we find, well protected, the case with the two earphones inside. Supplied with charging cable USB-C and two pairs of rubber pads of different sizes (for a total of 3: the measure M is already mounted, supplied with the S and the L).

Technical characteristics | Huawei FreeBuds SE review

Before getting to the heart of the user experience, the cornerstone of the review, let’s start by talking about the main technical characteristics of the product.

  • Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2
  • Pop-up pairing supported on Huawei smartphones With EMUI10 or later
  • Autonomy 6 ore playing music, 4 ore on call (24 e 16 each with charging case)
  • Charging time approximately 1.5 hours for the earphones in the case and approximately 2 hours for the case
  • Driver da 10 mm
  • You only check with double tap
  • Noise cancellation during calls
  • Certificates IPX4 (water and splash resistant)

First impressions and usage | Huawei FreeBuds SE review

Let’s start by saying that they are extremely earphones fulfilling, premium to the touch and, in the white color, even very much elegant. They definitely stand out for lightness e grip, the latter secured by the rubber pads present in three different sizes.

As soon as they were taken out of the package, I immediately associated them with mine iPhone. Not having a Huawei device available I could not enjoy the pop-up pairingwhich allows the smartphone to recognize the opening of the phone case FreeBuds SE and consequently a very fast association via pop-up. Not bad, because the pairing it really was anyway lightning fast. After the first association, once removed from the case and worn, they are operational again in the blink of an eye.


Before going into the sound experience, a round of applause to wearability. I am par excellence a very difficult subject to please in terms of comfort, also because I have never had particularly brilliant experiences with in-ear headphones, probably also due to the shape of my ear. I did however find a product very much mature, comfortable to wear and difficult to slip. I also used them during workouts in lecture and I must say they remain firmly to the ear. The kit of three rubbers, then, is the icing on the cake.

Huawei FreeBuds SE review: cheap and satisfying


This is definitely the sweetest notebut also that more important e full-bodied of a review involving a pair of earphones. Huawei FreeBuds SE feel extremely goodthanks to 10mm dynamic driver and an ultra-sensitive diaphragm you can enjoy every range from frequencies really optimal. THE bassi I am present, enjoyable, but never excessive and prevaricating with respect to the medium and high frequencies.

Voices are also made more “alive” within a balanced tri-channel audio framework. Also in call the audio in listening is quite a lot gratifying, devoid from delays appreciable.

Gestures and smart compartment

Where perhaps a little more could have been done is in this sector. The gestures are exclusively two, namely those of the double tap. By default these are active in both earphones and by default they have the function of play/stop playing and to answer or end the call. It is possible however customize the gestures (which always and only remain that of the double tap) with other functions such as next/previous track or activation of the voice assistant.

These customizations can also be done via l’App dedicated Huawei AI Life, downloadable both on iOS and, of course, on Android. The sensor integrated can detect the vibration of the double tap is perfectible, however once you get the hang of it it turns out quite accurate even if it sometimes misses a few hits too many.

Performance on call and in game

Before talking about autonomy, a quick check regarding call e games. In calls the earphones perform quite well even if more could be done. There noise cancellation, which uses the technology of beamforming dual microphone, it works quite well. The microphone could be improved as it is not always crystal clear, but the general performance is still more than sufficient in the price range of the product.

Choosing to equip these earphones with Bluetooth 5.2 has made these earphones worthy allies even in the game, in fact they can enjoy one latency significantly low. This clearly has a major impact not only in gameplay, but also in the vision of film e TV series.


The declared autonomy is generous but does not differ so much from reality. Indeed the music playback with fully charged earphones i could place is approx 5 hours/5 and a half hours. Excellent autonomy even if compared to the fact that the custody will be able to guarantee at least four times as much.

Conclusions and price

We have come to the end of a review that really amused me. Try these FreeBuds SE it was a good experience because I came into contact with earphones that boast a really popular price while retaining the traits of much higher-end earphones. One of these traits is certainly the audio experience, satisfying and convincing.

It is also indisputable that there are some points that could be worked on, such as the gesture where he microphone which while sufficient, is in some cases of use a bit metallic (even if the noise cancellation in call works really very well).

I found them a definitely good productwhich I recommend to anyone who wants a reliable pair of earphones, with good autonomy and a sound rendering anyway important while not spending an exorbitant amount.

What do you think of these Huawei FreeBuds SE? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Plus points

  • elegant design
  • Wearability promoted
  • Convincing sound delivery
  • Autonomy more than enough
  • Winning quality/price ratio

Points against

  • Somewhat limited gestures
  • Double tap sensor not always accurate
  • Improved microphone
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