HUAWEI MateView: the new monitors available with a nice gift!

Both monitors of the HUAWEI MateView family with a discount linked to the pre-order deposit and many gifts until next 8 August. The brand new HUAWEI MatePad 11 tablet is also available for purchase today. We also remember the appointment on Twitch this Friday to discover the new HUAWEI MateView GT gaming monitor with streamers JustGabbo, Velox, Delux, BerriTV and Kodomo

Huawei, a leading company in the technology sector, makes available today, exclusively on the Huawei Store HUAWEI MateView GT, the HUAWEI’s first curved monitor designed to bring a new level of gaming and entertainment experience and HUAWEI MateView, the wireless monitor that facilitates productivity. Both monitors are available for pre-order with interesting initiatives and purchase promos.

HUAWEI MateView: the new monitors available with a nice gift!

HUAWEI MateView and HUAWEI MateView GT: available for purchase

By pre-ordering and purchasing on the Huawei Store HUAWEI MateView GT, available at price of 549.00 euros, users will get a HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 WiFi 3+ 32GB and a HUAWEI M-Pencil. All those who pre-order a HAUWEI MateView, on the other hand, will receive starting from 8 August, included in the price of 699,00 euro, not just a HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 WiFi 3+ 32GB and a HUAWEI M-Pencil, but also a HUAWEI Ultra-Slim Wired Keyboard for maximum productivity. Furthermore, with the pre-order of the MateView family monitors with a deposit of 10.00 euros, it is possible to finalize the purchase at the final discounted price of respectively 449.00 euros for HUAWEI MateView GT and 599.00 euros for HUAWEI MateView. As always, all purchases made on the Huawei Store will be delivered free of charge in one or two working days starting from the finalization of the order and will benefit from the free return within 14 days of purchase, as well as from the Huawei assistance service 7 days a week.

HUAWEI MateView: the new monitors available with a nice gift!

HUAWEI MatePad 11 is also available

Among the news arriving today on the Huawei Store also HUAWEI MatePad 11 the first tablet that mounts the new Harmony OS 2.0 operating system, available for purchase on the brand’s e-commerce channel. In particular:

  • Shopping HUAWEI MatePad 11 WiFi 6+128 GB, which includes supplied second generation HUAWEI Mpencil, users will receive, included in the price of 499,90 euro un HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse Swift, una HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard, the magnetic keyboard to use the MatePad with maximum comfort and a Leboo Smart Sonic Toothbrush, the electronic toothbrush that can be managed from a smartphone. Plus, a three-month subscription to Huawei Video.
  • By purchasing the version 6 + 64 GB, available at the price of 399,90 euro, users will get the HUAWEI Mpencil e la HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard as an additional gift and a toothbrush Leboo Smart Sonic Toothbrush. Plus, a three-month subscription to Huawei Video.

On both versions, finally, you will get € 30.00 discount when finalizing the purchase, with a deposit of 10.00 euros.

HUAWEI MateView: the new monitors available with a nice gift!

HUAWEI MateView GT and “Melagoodo Night”

To celebrate the arrival in Italy of the HUAWEI MateView GT, Friday 16 July starting at 20.30 live on Twitch “Melagoodo Night”, an evening dedicated to the world of gaming in which the famous streamers JustGabbo, Velox, Delux and BerriTV they will compete with joysticks. During the evening we will discover with JustGabbo, Velox, Delux and BerriTV all the fantastic features of the new Huawei gaming monitor. HUAWEI MateView GT thanks to the refresh rate di 165 Hz gives space to all the graphics processing capabilities of the device to which it is connected. This not only ensures smoother and clearer images for the user, but also reduces any damage to the eyes of the monitor user. JustGabbo, gamer and streamer, says:

The refresh rate is a fundamental element for all those displays dedicated to gaming. I have high expectations of this new Huawei monitor and can’t wait to put this feature to the test together with the Dark Field Control function, which allows a clear and detailed view during particularly dark or overexposed game scenes, typical of shooting role-playing games.

HUAWEI MateView GT is the first Huawei monitor with 34-inch 21: 9 curved display and supports a resolution of 3440 × 1440. It is designed to maximize gaming performance and create an immersive entertainment experience for gamers. Velox, another major streamer, comments:

I can’t wait to be able to test the gaming performance in the field with the HUAWEI Mateview GT. The 34-inch curved screen will help me immerse myself in the videogames I love to test myself with, living a 360-degree experience. ” commented Velox, gamer and streamer.

For a gaming experience at the highest level HUAWEI MateView GT includes a super innovative SoundBar, the perfect mix between a loudspeaker and the support bracket united in a single element. Includes two speakers that support the 2.0 stereo sound. for both gaming and video and allows users to immerse themselves in amazing surround sound. The pannello touch RGB on the SoundBar not only offers a customizable lighting effect, but also allows users to easily adjust the volume with a finger and thus perfectly combining aesthetics and usability for a particularly pleasant desktop experience for users. Finally, Delux also has its say:

One of the features of the HUAWEI MateView GT that I am particularly curious to try is the stereo soundbar. Integrated in the base of the monitor, it allows you to adjust the volume with a single movement of the finger, so as not to waste time during the salient phases of the game. ” commented

Gabbo, Velox, Delux and BerriTV will be online on Twitch on Friday 16 July starting at 20:30 on the Huawei Italia channel to discover and comment with users on the new HAUWEI MateView GT. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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