HUAWEI Nova 11i: officially arrives in Italy

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Huawei announces HUAWEI nova 11i in Italy, the new smartphone of the nova family available in Mint and Black colors on the Huawei Store

HUAWEI nova 11i inherits the Star Ring camera designs from previous generations that draws inspiration from the image of two stars orbiting in space. The display is bordered by ultra-thin 1mm bezels, with a 94.9% screen-to-body ratio and just 8.55mm thick. Thanks to the weight of 193 g, it is possible to hold the device in one hand and carry it with you everywhere, in your pocket or even in a small bag. HUAWEI nova 11i is available in two shades that recall the colors of nature: Mint Green and Starry Black.

HUAWEI Nova 11i: officially arrives in Italy

HUAWEI Nova 11i: Infinite battery life thanks to fast charging

HUAWEI nova 11i is equipped with HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo 40 W that brings the battery to 60% after just 30 minutes of charging. Ten minutes of charging is enough for 12 hours of calls, 6 hours of video playback, 2 hours of game play and 23 hours of local music playback. The smartphone also boasts a 22-layer battery charge protection system that allows you to charge the device at full speed and with peace of mind. There 5000mAh battery it is designed to power your smartphone every day and manage consumption by limiting energy for non-essential apps and saving it for more important activities later in the day such as study or work.

Immersive and engaging vision

Featuring a large 6.8-inch screen with 94.9% screen-to-body ratio and 1mm ultra-thin bezel, and variable touch sampling rate up to 270Hz, the HUAWEI nova 11i offers you an immersive and smooth viewing . The device integrates advanced algorithms and the Histen 8.1 audio solution for better audio quality and offers viewing-enhancing functions such as light adjustment, night modes, eBook and Eye Protect for more comfortable viewing in low light conditions.

HUAWEI Nova 11i: officially arrives in Italy

HUAWEI Nova 11i: photography and versatility thanks to the AI ​​dual camera

The 48MP main rear camera has an f/1.8 aperture, a 1/2-inch sensor, and supports 4-in-1 pixel blending technology to generate larger 1.6μm pixels. The high-resolution camera works perfectly for RAW format shooting in multiple scenarios and allows you to capture quality images in low-light and backlit environments.

In particular, Super Night Shot 2.0 it also improves clarity and detail rendition in night and dim light for bright, clear shots, and helps capture posture and movement more authentically for portraits. AI Snapshot in fact, it uses a proprietary motion detection algorithm from Huawei that tracks movement in real time and adjusts the shutter speed; in this way it is possible to take clear photos in the most varied situations, for example of friends during a trip or while playing paintball. As for i selfie, the 16MP camera supports portrait segmentation and backlit selfies; in addition, AI Beauty 5.1 integrates AI beautification algorithms and functions that enhance facial features and smooth skin.

HUAWEI Nova 11i: officially arrives in Italy

HUAWEI Nova 11i: Maximize your storage space

To overcome the storage problems caused by the app cache of the numerous functions available on the smartphone, the HUAWEI nova 11i is equipped with a memory of 128GB. There is enough space to store up to 160 TV episodes, 10,000 songs or 70 ultra HD movies. Downloading apps, games and large files will no longer be a problem.

HUAWEI Nova 11i: officially arrives in Italy

HUAWEI Nova 11i: EMUI 13, smarter experiences for everyone

HUAWEI nova 11i supports software version EMUI 13, recognizable from the home screen for the minimalist style and the many customizations it offers to users. Service widgets allow you to swipe over an application icon to generate a widget, which can be made bigger or smaller, hidden or shown, or kept at the same size. Thanks to the “swipe-to-access” function, the service widgets allow direct access, by swiping, to a wide range of content features.

In terms of privacy and security, Huawei continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies to ensure users have a transparent and controllable experience. Privacy Center allows you to see how apps behave: collects all sensitive information that an app accesses in real time, displays behavior profiles in graphs and provides proactive suggestions for privacy protection in case of apps at risk. Security Center gives users a clear perception of the security level of their device: it displays its current status, scans and removes viruses, blocks harassing behavior and automatically protects payments; it also proactively identifies risks and provides security recommendations. For a more inclusive smart experience, the senior mode offers seven levels of display adjustment with zoom and touchscreen-optimized settings, helps older users remove harmful mobile apps and reduce the risk of data theft.

Availability and prices

HUAWEI Nova 11i is available in Mint and Black colors on the Huawei Store at the price of 279,90 euro. Are you going to buy the Huawei smartphone? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!