Huawei presenta i nuovi wearable Watch 4, Watch 4 Pro e Band 8

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Huawei today presents its new wearable devices to the public: it is about HUAWEI WATCH 4, HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro e HUAWEI Band 8. The first two represent the latest arrivals in the brand’s smartwatch segment, while Band 8 is a very colorful smartband.

Let’s find out all the features in detail.

Huawei Watch 4 e Watch 4 Pro

The new series of Huawei smartwatches has been designed to offer a futuristic design and high-quality materials, as well as innovative features for the well-being and health of users. Among the most interesting novelties, the function stands out Breath control, which allows you to analyze the state of the lungs and the risk of air pollution. This function is based on parameters such as respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, type of cough and environmental information. The user can easily access this feature through the app HUAWEI Healthwhich also integrates other parameters to monitor the respiratory phases.

Another important aspect for health is sleep, which is monitored accurately and precisely by the WATCH 4 series thanks to the technology HUAWEI TruSleep 3.0. This uses infrared light to detect sleep stages, including REM sleep, and analyze physiological parameters such as body movements, heart rate and HRV values.

The series is also distinguished by its elegant and resistant design, which is made of high-quality materials such as aerospace-grade titanium for the HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro and stainless steel for the HUAWEI WATCH 4. Both smartwatches have a 1 .5 inch.

Smartwatches also offer a number of advanced features to enhance the user experience, such as eSIM function. This allows you to make calls and send messages without your smartphone. Then there’s the function Super Link, which allows you to connect with smartphones and earphones from the same account. In the end Petal Maps Watch EditionHuawei’s first map application for watches that provides comprehensive navigation services.

From a technical point of view

Both devices are equipped with an innovative Dual-core 2.0 architecture that allows you to adapt energy consumption according to user needs. In fact, WATCH 4 is able to automatically select the most suitable processor for different applications. A feature that guarantees a longer battery life.

Users can choose between two modes: Standard e Ultra Durability. Standard mode offers a battery life of 4.5 days for WATCH 4 Pro and 3 days for WATCH 4, under typical usage scenarios. The Ultra Duration mode, on the other hand, allows you to extend the battery life up to 21 days for HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro and up to 14 days for HUAWEI WATCH 4. All without sacrificing the main functions such as sport mode and health monitoring.

The entire HUAWEI WATCH 4 series features the HUAWEI WATCH Wireless SuperCharge feature that enables fast and convenient charging even on the go. 15 minutes of charging is enough to have a full day of autonomy.

Huawei Band 8

Huawei Band 8

HUAWEI Band 8 is a smart band that combines a thin and light design with a series of advanced features for health and fitness tracking. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, it can accompany users for a smarter and more active lifestyle. The smartband has a 1.47-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 368 x 194 and a 65% screen-to-body ratio. The display is protected by a 2.5D curved glass with a CG glass plate that ensures optimal resistance and fluidity.

It offers complete monitoring of vital signs, thanks to the sensors HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0 which have been improved by 10% over the previous generation. These sensors, supported by HiFi-Encoder technology, record data with precision and accuracy. The smartband is able to measure heart rate, blood oxygenation, sleep phases, stress and the female physiological cycle, providing users with useful information for their health. In addition, Band 8 integrates the HUAWEI TruSleep 3.0 sensor, which is also improved by 10% compared to the previous model. This detects sleep data precisely, identifying the time of falling asleep, waking up and the different stages of sleep.

HUAWEI Band 8 also helps users reach their fitness goals, thanks to the scientific training system based on the HUAWEI TruSport algorithm. This algorithm provides easy-to-understand data such as heart rate monitoring, walking pace and distance traveled. Additionally, the algorithm evaluates your running training load, pressurized aerobic/anaerobic workouts, recovery time between sessions, and Running Ability Index (RAI). The Band 8 AI is able to plan the running activity based on the recorded physiological data, the RAI and the training conditions present, to optimize the effectiveness of the work out in a scientific way. HUAWEI Band 8 supports 100 different sports, both outdoor and indoor, including running, cycling, swimming and skipping.

Huawei Midnight Black 3

The Activity Record activity tracker allows you to monitor your daily goals in real time through the HUAWEI Health app. HUAWEI Band 8 is the first smart band equipped with HUAWEI Assistant TODAY smart assistant. Swiping to the right, HUAWEI Assistant TODAY appears on the display and allows you to access various features such as weather, music management, timer, stopwatch and more.

Band 8 has one battery that lasts up to 14 days, up to 9 with normal use. Thanks to fast charging, you can use the device for up to 2 days with a 5-minute charge. It only takes 45 minutes to fully recharge.

The Huawei Band 8 is available on the official Huawei website in three colors that reflect different personalities and emotions: Midnight Black, Sakura Pink and Emerald Green. The strap can be changed easily thanks to the new Press and Release technology which allows you to replace it in just 3 seconds.

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