Huawei’s folding will have a new generation hinge

Il pieghevole di Huawei avrà una cerniera di nuova generazione thumbnail

If you remember correctly, Huawei was the first company to launch one foldable smartphone. The Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs models, in fact, were the first to appear on the market. And just earlier this year it released the Mate X2 smartphone, which features an inward folding design, like the one that distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series. But now it seems to be another Huawei smartphone ready to hit the market. A foldable with clamshell design, reminiscent of that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. What is surprising, it seems, is above all the structure of the phone hinge, which the company Zhaoli Technology has been working on for a while.

Huawei smartphone: the new folding will have a latest generation hinge

According to a Weibo report, Huawei’s new foldable smartphone will have one new generation hinge by Zhaoli Technology, which has been under development for a while now. Recently, in fact, the company revealed that a company will soon use this component in its production, and we are all sure that it is Huawei itself. Apparently, this zipper should be less complicated than that used in the previous leaflets issued by the company. But it would also seem more reliable e less expensive, being composed of a greater number of parts.

From what we know, the next clamshell smartphone released by the company could be called Huawei Mate V. And it could be powered by the chipset Kirin 9000. Finally, it would appear that it is a 4G model, due to the restrictions imposed on the company in the United States. In any case, some sources on the Net reveal that the production of the phone has started in recent weeks, which could mean that by February 2022 we will see it on the market. It’s all about guesswork, it’s obvious. But what seems to be certain is the use of a hinge which will make it easier and more practical to use.