HYPE lands in the investment world with Gimme5

HYPE sbarca nel mondo degli investimenti con Gimme5 thumbnail

HYPE-Gimme 5: a new partnership was born in the “Fintech” world. This is the news that comes directly from the two leading companies in this partnership, with the former having chosen the latter in order to expand its offer and enter the world of investments.

In line with HYPE’s strategy aimed at providing value-added services to anticipate and respond to the constantly evolving needs of its users, the new “Investments” section aims to offer a selection of managed savings products through the integration of the digital piggy bank. Gimme5.

HYPE-Gimme5: the offer to users

Challenger bank customers are now finding a new concrete response to the need to obtain a return from the use of the saved liquidity. Through the technological partnership with Gimme5 and the integration of its solution, they will be able to invest even small amounts directly from smartphones (starting from € 1).

Gimme5 thanks to the partnership with HYPE consolidates its B2B2C strategy aimed at democratizing access to the world of managed savings through the opportunities offered by new technologies.

In just one working day, HYPE customers will be able to activate a Gimme5 account while the investments will be finalized in a maximum of two working days. Furthermore, there are no time constraints, at any time it is possible to request a total or partial refund which, again in a maximum of two working days, will be credited directly to the customer’s HYPE account. Gimme5 also acts as a withholding agent, automatically fulfilling all tax obligations for customers.

Users can choose between three mutual funds with different risk profiles (Prudent, Dynamic, Aggressive), where they have different payment methods available: Periodic, setting an automatic payment of a sum every month; Manual, pouring whenever desired; or through the engagement from the “Savings” section of HYPE, investing part or all of the accumulated savings share. Specifically, HYPE START and HYPE PLUS customers can choose between 2 profiles: Prudent and Dynamic and create a maximum of 2 Investment boxes, while HYPE NEXT and HYPE PREMIUM customers can choose, in addition to those already mentioned, also the Aggressive profile and create up to 5 investment boxes.

The point of view of the two companies

Antonio Valitutti, CEO of HYPE: “As HYPE, we have always promoted a smart approach to money management and the new“ Investments ”section represents a fundamental step in the evolution of our offer. The experience of Gimme5, combined with the speed of timing and the convenience of costs, shows how, even starting from small figures, it is possible to reach important goals without impacting on daily life. HYPE aims to offer its customers as many tools as possible to ensure a fluid and personalized customer experience and to fully grasp the advantages of the technological revolution underway “.

Giordano Martinelli, Senior partner of Gimme5: “Gimme5 was born to approach the traditional world of managed savings in a smart and digital way and in HYPE we have found a partner with a vision completely aligned with ours. This allowed us to integrate the two solutions in full harmony on technical skills, market knowledge and approach to services. Thanks to the integration of Gimme5, HYPE customers now have the opportunity to “set in motion” their savings, starting from small amounts accessible even to the youngest, and to monitor their position at any time via smartphone. In full accordance with the philosophy that unites our two companies, today the management of money and savings is truly smart! ”