Online conferences: 5 essential and indispensable tools

Online conferences, we discover five essential and indispensable tools to be able to carry out video conferences

Online conferences are becoming the norm. For this reason, it is essential to know which are the right tools to be able to carry out video conferences on the web without making beginner mistakes. While people have had the technology of video calling over the Internet for some years now, many are not using the services to their fullest.

For example, one of the most common mistakes is overestimating your data connection, using it to talk online without testing for stability. This results in meetings with inaudible audio and blurry, distorted video, something that must absolutely be avoided.

5 essential tools for online video conferencing

We have decided to compile a list of 5 essential elements for making online video conferences. Here are what they are:

1) Quality PC webcam

Although the built-in computer camera can be used, the quality of an external PC webcam is usually higher than the internal one, which is why it should be preferred. The motivation, in most cases, lies in the size of the camera itself. A larger camera captures more light indoors, delivering a sharper image. In addition, an external webcam can be adjusted more easily than the one integrated into a laptop screen, allowing you to obtain suitable angles for every need.

2) Noise canceling headphones

Regardless of where you decide to hold an online conference, there are often noises around it that could affect the audio quality. Noise canceling headphones allow you to clearly hear what other meeting participants are saying without being disturbed by outside noise.

3) Bright led spotlight

One of the problems with Internet conferences is light. Since meetings are very often conducted from home, the lighting present may not be adequate for the meeting creating points of shadow or light that hide the face. Placing a bright LED spotlight designed for video cameras in front of the face allows you to obtain a clearer image, greatly improving the quality of the videoconference.

4) Physical green background

Although many software allow you to generate a virtual image to be placed as a background in case you do not want to show part of your home, it is preferable to buy a green background that allows you to set a decidedly sharper background. The problem with virtual backgrounds without green backdrops is that they cause the generation of objects called “ghosts” that could annoy viewers. This can be reduced with a physical green screen to be placed exactly behind your body, covering the actual background in the frame.

5) External microphone

Many devices feature a built-in microphone that can be used for speaking, however, the quality achieved is often quite poor. For this reason, it is preferable to purchase an external microphone that allows you to get a much clearer and clearer voice, making it easier for other meeting participants to hear. If you use external headphones, you can also opt for a model with a microphone which, even if it does not offer the same level as a professional external model, is always better than the one integrated on a smartphone, tablet or computer itself.

Good communication!

These were 5 must-haves for professional online conferences, however, the list could be even longer.