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ID Buzz Ambulance, Volkswagen foresees it in the future

Volkswagen plans to launch the ID Buzz in 2023, 21st century reinterpretation of its popular Van, an icon of the hippie movement, and among the various options of use, he also sees it as an ambulance. It will, of course, be a model electric with which the German brand wants take a step forward and use its foundations to develop one full range of service vehicles, and also a test bed for autonomous driving.

With the acronym AD (autonomous driving, in English) associated with its name, the prototype foresees the possibilities of drive without a driver for certain activities, including medical assistance. And it is in this context that Volkswagen plans to transform its smart van, proposing it as a real one ambulance of the future. The prototype combines radar, cameras and laser sensors to provide information to a computer system advanced capable of allowing autonomous mobility.

The Ambulance Buzz ID will only have staff dedicated to patient care

The ID.Buzz AD project was presented at the last Munich Motor Show, but its application in the medical field has only now been unveiled. In ID.Buzz ambulance, the health care staff could be entrusted exclusively with the care of the patient, since the guide would be left in the hands of one powerful artificial intelligence, able to constantly analyze their environment, make decisions and even anticipate the behavior of other means in circulation.

L’ambulance of the future presented at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, dedicated to mobility of the future, is one of the utilities that are proposed for this type of self-driving vehicles, which also includes the distribution of goods in the last kilometer, the passenger transport or a mobile office. Always keeping the research of the maximum use of space and the advantages of autonomous driving, while following the limitations of European legislation coming soon, which seems rather restrictive in this regard.

In addition to his electrified mechanics, general philosophy dell’ID.Buzz , within the trend of the brand itself, is zero emissions throughout the production process. This includes the use of renewable energy and recycled materials in elements such as upholstery, trim and even glass.

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