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IFA 2022: Nilox news for sustainable mobility

At IFA 2022 Nilox presented the new S1 scooter and two new e-bikes in the name of sustainable mobility and outdoor sports

Niloxthe Esprinet Group’s technology brand for sport and outdoor life, returns to IFA with many innovations that expand the already rich offer of the brand in all the main product categories. The goal is to meet ever-changing needs and lifestyles and guide the innovation of sustainable mobility through smart, performing products that are always in step with the times, which help people to face every day with lightness and dynamism.

Nilox S1, E-bike Cargo Light and E-bike kids are the novelties brought to IFA 2022

The new S1 scooter always puts driving safety and reliability at the center e it is distinguished by both rear and front directional arrows. Precisely the introduction of turn indicators also in the front LED confirms Nilox’s ability to respond promptly to new regulatory needs and raise industry standards. Furthermore, the Front / rear LED and disc brake rear make the S1 the ideal vehicle to circulate in city traffic in total tranquility.

Nilox’s latest scooter features one integrated smart-displaywith which you can monitor all useful information and del Cruise Control which allows you to travel at the desired speed. Equipped with a 350 W motorguarantees 28 km of maximum range at 20 km / h with a 4-hour charge to add any destination with agility. Nilox S1 is also equipped with an innovative safety system, the tag NFC, which mitigates the risk of theft: when switched on, the scooter will automatically go into standby and it will be possible to unlock it only by passing the NFC key to the on / off button. The recommended retail price is 499,95 €.

IFA 2022: Nilox news for sustainable mobility

Designed for those who need more space for their personal effects and ideal for easily carrying shopping, Cargo Light is equipped with two 25 kg luggage racks, one rear and one front, with elastic bands for maximum stability while on the move. There 36 V 10 Ah lithium battery integrated makes it look like a muscle bike, but the motore da 36 V 250 W Brushless High Speed with torque sensor allows you to travel long distances with loads without effort. Versatile and practical, thanks to the 6-speed SHIMANO gearboxwith the Cargo Light it is possible to travel up to 60 km at a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

Performance and strength emerge from the steel frame, capable of support up to 120 kg of weightand from 27.5 ″ x 1.5 ″ wheelswhile the safety that characterizes Nilox products is found here in disc brakes and LED lights, both front and rear, which make the vehicle visible even at night. Also, the intuitive display LCD makes it easy to monitor numerous information, including battery range, maximum speed, kilometers traveled, to have everything under control. The recommended price for this model is 1.699,95 €.

IFA 2022: Nilox news for sustainable mobility

The new entry presented exclusively at IFA is designed for children from 4 to 6 years of age and ensures high stability on the road, thanks to the 16 ”tires and rear disc brakes. With the e-bike kids little riders can delight in six speed modes and safely enjoy the freedom that only a two-wheeled vehicle can offer. The light but durable steel frame protects against vibrations and makes the e-bike comfortable and reliable, while the 250 W motor and 25.2 V 4 Ah lithium batteryrechargeable in 4 hours, enable an autonomy of 3 hours and make this new model the ideal companion for the little ones on their first outdoor adventures. This model will be available for only 499,95 €.

IFA 2022: Nilox news for sustainable mobility

Simona CerianiCountry Manager Consumer Italy of the Esprinet Group, commented the following regarding the innovations presented at IFA 2022 by Nilox:

In Nilox’s DNA there is the ability to anticipate trends, we started with action cameras and then successfully entered the world of sustainable mobility: an agile transition for us who never stop, just like technological evolution. This is why we are proud to return to Berlin with products that, once again, mark a step forward in smart mobility and fully embody the X-Drive philosophy, a concept that encompasses our commitment to continuously improve what has already been achieved in terms of reliability, distinctive technology and technical characteristics. At the base there is a careful listening to the market: movement, innovation and sustainable choices, these are the wishes of consumers and the distinctive features of the brand that have guided us in the creation of the new hi-tech products that we are previewing at IFA.

What do you think of these new Nilox products? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news on sustainable mobility and everything related to the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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