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IFA 2022: TCL presents its new innovative products

TCL Strengthens Its Innovations in the Premium Home Theater and Smart Appliances Industries, With Announcements During IFA 2022 Press Conference

TCL Electronics (click here for more information and details) is a company of Consumer electronics rapidly growing. TLC is now a leading player inglobal TV industry (TCL Communication is a wholly owned subsidiary of TCL Electronics).

During the’IFA 2022the company has finally presented its new line of award-winning products designed for smart lifestyles, always reaffirming its commitment to sustainability

IFA 2022: TCL presents its new innovative products

Details on the presentation of new TCL products at IFA 2022

TCL Electronics, as already mentioned, is a major player in the global TV and consumer electronics sector. The company held a global press conference at IFA 2022 in Berlin. There, he presented his latest innovationsincluding the new one sound bar RAY-DANZ, flagship of the sector. In addition, presented the new collection of large televisions Mini LED is QLED in Europe and the latest generation washing machines in energy class A.

TCL also announced its latest sports sponsorships and its own commitment to sustainability. Through continuous innovation and investment in the development of new technologies, TCL continues to grow and expand the transformative potential of more aspects of daily life. Thus bringing unprecedented value to a large and diverse customer base around the world.

To deliver an immersive, high-end home theater experience

TCP is now considered one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics sector. As well as one of the best-selling brands in the world. TCL is committed to providing consumers with even more premium televisions innovative. Today TCL is going beyond customer expectations by raising the bar for experience home theater premium. At IFA 2022, TCL unveiled the TV Mini LED Series C835 awarded by EISA as Best Premium Mini LED TV. This is an all-round 4K Mini LED TV, with incredible picture quality paired with Dolby Atmos for immersive sound.

To bring cinema to homes and offer a broader immersive experience, TCL has taken it one step further. this, with the introduction in Europe of the first 98-inch QLED TCL TV, supported by the claim “The show begins”. As for the audio, TCL presented the new soundbar top di gamma X937U equipped with the exclusive RAY-DANZ technology, in addition to the Soundbar C935Uawarded Best Buy EISA, equipped with RAY-DANZ Dolby Atmos.

IFA 2022: TCL presents its new innovative products

Not just TV

For a wider viewing environmentTCL also presented its own TCL NXTWEAR glasses Wearable Display Glasses with updates that enrich the user experience. Easy to use and light, weighing only 75 gthe smart glasses give the incredible feeling of seeing a screen from 140 inches 4 meters away.

Given its global success, TCL is confident in the current commercial momentum to be able to continue to provide increasingly innovative premium TVs to customers around the world. In this way, TCL continues its mission to put the user experience at the center of every innovation.

For an increasingly intelligent lifestyle

TCL’s design and development vision for its multi-category products is to bring a smart lifestyle to more and more homes. By placing televisions at the center of the domestic ecosystem, TCL wants to make life at home more and more smart, respectful of the environment, connected and enjoyable for its users.

From the air conditioner with patented technology FreshINto washing machines in energy class “A”, passing through an assortment of refrigerators, air purifiers and robot vacuum cleaners, TCL offers smart products that are easy to use. With appliances awarded for their design, TCL offers not only technology, but also elegant appliances that integrate perfectly into any interior.

IFA 2022: TCL presents its new innovative products

To be sustainable and responsible

TCL, as a responsible company with a global footprint, recognizes that its commitments go far beyond product development and sales. There responsible management of the environment is of crucial importance and TCL is taking comprehensive measures in every area of ​​expertise to ensure a sustainable future and allocate resources dedicated to research and development in this area.

TCL boasts a solid experience in the field of sustainability and works on various fronts to improve its eco-sustainable footprint. A company priority has been the implementation of investments in the photovoltaic sector to produce ecological and cleaner energy and thus contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, TCL products have satisfied and exceeded environmental standards.

Reliability and controls

Il production process is supervised in order to avoid energy waste, eliminate hazardous substances and keep conflict minerals out of their production and distribution processes. Finally, the company does undertakes to encourage the use of ecological packaging and plans to increase the volume and quality of its electronic product recycling programs. TCL will launch more products in the classroom this year energy A to help their consumers develop a style of more sustainable life.

IFA 2022: TCL presents its new innovative products

To inspire greatness in life: dynamic, trendy, innovative and intelligent

After introducing the new claim earlier this year “Inspire Greatness”, TCL is now dedicated to inspiring people to unleash their best moments in life, dynamic, fashionable, innovative and intelligent moments. TCL gives customers emotions also thanks to the link with trusted names in entertainment, sports, gaming and technology. Indeed, TCL is global partner of FIBA (International Basketball Federation) since 2018 and is proud to support the FIBA ​​EuroBasket championship this September.

A unique moment for fans of this sport who will be able to enjoy the matches that start today and take place in Germany, Italy, Georgia and the Czech Republic until September 18th. Ahead of this year’s highly anticipated global football event, TCL has exciting news to share. They have in fact been signed football sponsorships with four major players: English Phil Fodenthe French Raphael Varanethe Spanish rising star Pedriin addition to the outstanding Brazilian top performer Rodrygo.

And you? What do you think of the new range of “sustainable” products presented by TCL at IFA 2022 ? Let us know with a comment below and stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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