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IgoodI and QuestIT join forces to create the Avatars of the future

IgoodI, the first Italian Avatar Factory founded by Billy Berlusconi, opens a partnership with QuestIT, a company specializing in artificial intelligence.

IgoodI and QuestIT: the partnership for the Avatars of the future

Joseph Schumpeter he argued, with few and incisive words, “doing old things in a new way, this is innovation”. A definition that, never as in this period, results of absolute relevance, in light of the countless changes in society. Just think, for example, of the advent of virtual assistants. It is precisely in this innovative and avant-garde scenario that the doors open wide for new collaboration opportunities, such as the one we will talk about today.

IgoodI, the first Avatar Factory Italian founded by Billy Berlusconi, establishes a partnership with QuestIT. The latter is a company, also made in Italy, specialized in development of proprietary artificial intelligence technologies. The shared goal consists in the realization of more and more technological avatars, able even to speak. All this is possible thanks toapplication of artificial intelligence to the same virtual humans. The virtual assistant And a technology which, according to the market data collected, is today a rapidly growing asset. The first confirmations in this regard come from Grand View Research, according to which the market overall of the intelligent virtual assistants will have a value equal to $ 52 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 28.5% over the next 7 years.

According to ZDNet, by the end of 2021, it is expected that companies e consumers will spend up to $ 3.5 billion for what are called i Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA).

A partnership born from the common passion for technology

“Thanks to this partnership we officially enter the emerging market for virtual assistants“He declares Billy Berlusconi, founder of IgoodI. “The agreement marks a further one evolution consistent with the development plan of our company, started with the high definition of the 3D digital copy. Our goal is to bring thephysical individual in digital to generate utility within the various daily contexts. QuestIT is certainly a point of reference in the field of digital innovation and artificial intelligence and we are sure that thanks to this collaboration we will be able to start one new and brilliant expressive possibility, in a world where avatars will be increasingly important and effective from the point of view of relationship with the public”.

Ernesto Di Iorio, CEO of QuestIT

Are proud of this partnership and to put Algho, ours is the first intelligent artificial human, at the service of people and companies. Our virtual assistants are based on proprietary NLP systems (Natural Language Processing). These understand natural language through a deep semantic analysis that makes them truly capable of fulfilling user requests at multiple levels, whereas the normal ones Chatbot they end up requiring the intervention of an operator, ”he says Ernesto Di Iorio, CEO from QuestIT, which then continues:

“Algho is capable of recognize the moods of the customer and respond accordingly, support him in identifying the right product and guide him in navigating complex e-commerce. He behaves just as if he were an employee who assists the customer in a store ”.

It is on this wavelength that all of the B2B services market, as is also evident from the study carried out by The Conversation. In fact, according to what is indicated by the well-known information portal, the professionals of the sector will aim at humanize more and more virtual assistants. The purpose is to increase the rate of empathy with one’s audience.

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