Ikos: the denunciation of the director Giuseppe Sciarra

Ikos the new documentary by Giuseppe Sciarra against homophobia and bullying. The dramatic biographical story of the Foggia director as a sign of justice

A story deep inside the director Giuseppe Sciarra. Ikos, produced by Cinetika, takes the form of an intense, violent documentary exposing the hard past of the Foggia director. With leading actor Edoardo Purgatori (The ignorant fairies, Mine Vaganti), a scream of denunciation towards all forms of injustice and physical and psychological discrimination, which for years have accompanied the life of Giuseppe Sciarra.

Expected to be released in the coming months, it counts the support of important partnerships such as Gaiaitaliapuntocom news, Napoli Cultural Classic, The cultural association The turning point, Full Immersion.

Currently Sciarra together with the lgbtq activist and writer FTM Massimo d’Aquino, is working on an awareness project in schools, with the aim of shaking as many consciences as possible and creating a movement to combat bullying.

Ikos: the denunciation of the director Giuseppe Sciarra

In the sign of Justice | Ikos: the denunciation of the director Giuseppe Sciarra

The hell of bullying lived through clips of family VHS and performance art by the Apulian director, who from an early age had to deal with a harsher reality than expected. Indicted as homosexual by his peers in a southern village in the province of Foggia, a real witch hunt of which he was a victim by children and adults. As the director himself reports:

I was hated in the village for what I was and I was forced to hide and never leave the house. I didn’t tell my parents anything about what was happening. I was ashamed. With them I pretended that everything was fine but every day I was dying inside.

Ikos is dedicated to all children who are victims of bullying, with the aim of do justice towards those who have lost their lives and whose cases have ended up in oblivion, leaving a trauma and an indelible void for too long.

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