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iMac, no bigger screen for the basic version

The basic version of iMac remains at 24 inches: lo screenO bigger will be reserved for “iMac Pro“, Which using more powerful processors and better specifications. The analyst Mark Gurman he thinks that Apple wants to reserve the 27-inch screen of its all-in-one only for computers designed for those who work with graphics.

iMac, the basic version will only have the 24-inch screen

In the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman talked about Apple’s new M2 chip and how Apple intends to implement it in its Mac line. four new computers with the chip, one of which could be one updated version of the iMac. But only associated with the 24-inch display.

Indeed Gurman explains that Apple would like to differentiate the screen model from 27 inches calling it iMac Pro, with chip M1 (and in the future M2) Pro and Max. Devices for those who work with graphics, which needs a bigger screen as well as better computational capabilities. While the basic version remains only with the 25-inch screen.

new iMac Pro 2022

Gurman writes “maybe tomorrow there might be a basic iMac with a bigger screen and Apple Silicon chips, but I would be very surprised. If Apple had wanted to launch such a Mac, he would have done it months ago. Maybe even last April together with the renewed version with the smaller screen ”.

According to the analyst, therefore, Apple is betting on “an iMac Pro with a larger screen than the 24-inch model. Which incorporates M1 Pro and M1 Max processors like the latest MacBooks. If Apple went pro-only for the larger iMac, as it does with the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, will use the name ‘Pro’ to differentiate it from the base model“.

The launch could come soon

Anyone who wants a Mac with a large screen but without more graphics power will have to adapt to a Mac mini and a larger screen from another manufacturer. Provided that Gurman’s information is correct: but the analyst hardly wrong when it comes to the Apple.

In any case, we should find out all the news very soon, perhaps as early as8 marchwhen it is thought that Apple will hold its first event 2022. We will keep you updated.

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