In Milan the initiative of ordered scooters

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A fleet of “tidy” and sustainable scooters for Milan improve mobility.

As Assumability, WHAT adherent to Confcommercio Milan e Voi Technology. The latter shared electric micro-mobility company present in Milan since 2020.

Tidy and sustainable scooters for Milan, press office source

The project

Under the patronage of Federmotorisation Confcommerce sign a memorandum of understanding with the aim of increasing the parking possibilities for electric scooters in the city.

So without having to weigh further on theoccupation of public land. And to promote awareness activities on correct parking. With the involvement of all associated with Confcommerce Milan. To an active civic participation against the phenomenon of “wild parking” of sharing scooters.

The memorandum of understanding was signed during the conference held in Confcommercio Milan on “Scooters, parking lots and Milan. A question of education and multimodal mobility for an orderly Milan”.

There are two main points in the agreement

Thanks to an agreement between You Technology and APAthe associated garages they will offer to the citizen a part of his own private space for parking scooters.

Thus ensuring a benefit for the community. The parking of the scooters in garages it will also allow motorists and motorcyclists the possibility.

Once you reach the parking area, continue your journey in the city by public transport or by electric and sustainable shared vehicle.

In this way, the agreement aims to increase the rate of “intermodality”. That is, the choice of two or more vehicles for one’s travel in the city, in favor of the more sustainable and effective ones against the creation of urban traffic for travel within the municipal borders.

Educate on the use of the scooter

The second point of the agreement provides, with Assomóbilità. The dissemination to operators associated with Confcommercio Milano of two digital leaflets developed by Voi Technology.

In order to inform all Confcommercio Milano members on how to use the electric scooter correctly. And where and how you have to park in the city, to maintain the right to free mobility on city soil for all traffic operators.

From pedestrians, to motorists, cyclists, scooters and motorcyclists. Real “vademecum” containing the rules for the correct use of the scooter in the city.

And the guidelines for appropriate parking of the vehicle, in order to avoid obstacles for pedestrians – a particularly important aspect especially for citizens with reduced mobility – and cyclists.

Tidy and sustainable scooters for Milan, press office sourceTidy and sustainable scooters for Milan, press office source

The Report service to you

Furthermore, Voi Technology makes the “Report to you” service available to retailers and professionals.

A direct contact channel, usable both via smartphone app and website. To report scooters (branded Voi Technology) parked incorrectly in front of your businesses or at the entrances of your offices.

Voi Technology will take care of moving or removing the vehicle within one hour of notification. An initiative aimed at making commercial operators and professionals once again protagonists in civic collaboration.

Innovative city transport

“The commitment of companies, associations and administrations in recent years has made it possible to make city transport more innovative, giving the possibility to move and move easily in a smart, comfortable and efficient way – he says Simonpaolo Buongiardino, president of Assomóbilità and Federmotorizzazione – As always, however, a common commitment is needed so that the new multimodal mobility systems enter the complexity of the urban fabric with certain and shared rules. The memorandum of understanding signed today goes precisely in this direction, focusing on education in the correct use of the medium, thanks to the e-learning system integrated in the Voi app, and providing our associates with a concrete tool for maintaining order of the space of our cities, for the good and in the interest of all”.

Milan, an orderly and sustainable city

“The signing of this protocol once again puts the spotlight on the importance of our garages as a hub for city mobility – he comments Stephen Martarelli, president of APA – Already with the introduction of Area C we have demonstrated that our structures can play a central role in the creation of fundamental logistic platforms for the use of Milan. Now, thanks to the partnership with Voi Technology, our garages become a hub for multimodal mobility. The future of garages is in the expansion of services”.

Folco Gervasutti, Head of Corporate Comms for Italy and Spain of Voi Technology: “For the first time a large association such as Confcommercio Milano, with the APA and Assomobilità associations, is supporting the initiative of a private electric mobility sharing company. The productive part of the city, from garage owners to traders, passing through professionals, will be a fundamental ally in demonstrating the real positive potential of shared electric micro-mobility, finally removing the attention on the ‘negative’ aspects, that only a few users not inclined to the rules continue to feed. Furthermore, in the creation of a Milan made to be lived, thanks to the generosity and involvement of the Milanese garage managers, intermodality will be increased: to date, already around 40% of our users live in the peripheral areas of Milan or in the Hinterland, integrating the car journey to get to the city with that of the scooters for the last mile. At the same time, already today 20% of our users integrate their private car journeys with our scooters, which are easier to park in congested areas such as the historic center and the semi-city centre”.

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