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Profondo Rosso: the film returns to the restored cinema

Almost 50 years after its release, Profondo Rosso returns to the cinema completely restored. Here are the details of this event not to be missed

A great summer awaits for all cinema lovers. A few days after the announcement of the theatrical release of Raffa, a film that will be released in July, with the aim of paying homage to the unforgettable Raffaella Carrà, a great classic thriller will also keep us company in this hot summer. We are talking about Deep redthe 1975 film he helped consecrate Darius Silver as one of the masters of the genre. The film, recently restored in 4Kis therefore about to return to theaters, ready to be discovered by the new generations and rediscovered by those eager to relive the same thrill of years ago.

Profondo Rosso: the film returns to the restored cinema

A Timeless Thriller | Profondo Rosso: the film returns to the restored cinema

For thriller lovers this is truly an opportunity not to be missed, given that it is one of the Italian pillars of the genre. Not surprisingly, in the year of its release, it was positioned in the top ten of the best cinema receipts. For the uninitiated, the film shows the story of Marcus Daly, a jazz pianist who by chance witnesses the murder of a medium. Having failed to locate the killer, he joins Gianna Brezzi to investigate what happened.

Profondo Rosso’s return to theaters was made possible by Experimental Cinematography Center – National Film Librarywho took care of the restoration of the film, starting from the original negative and under the supervision of Luciano Tovoli, director of photography and former collaborator of Dario Argento, for numerous films. The July event was anticipated by a new trailer, which we leave you below.

The first release of a long series

Now let’s move on to the question you’re all wondering, ie when the film will be available in theaters. Profondo Rosso will be in Italian cinemas from 10th of July. His return was possible thanks to a collaboration between RTI-Mediaset e Cat People, a new production house which has among its objectives that of bring some great classics back to theaters of the history of cinema. Now it’s the turn of Profondo Rosso, who knows if the anguish that assailed millions of viewers at the time of its release will also make its way towards a new audience. Alexander Tablefounder together with Raffaele Petriniof the production house, confessed:

We want to bring back films that are meaningful to everyone, without divisions by category, to revive that dimension of amazement, transport and discovery that the cinema of the past is still able to offer. The public has in fact recently rewarded the re-editions of classics of all kinds, but there are still entire decades, genres and authors not properly celebrated.

Profondo Rosso was the first film chosen for this purpose. The reason? It is an Italian and emblematic film, capable of embodying everything that cinema has to offer. Word of Raffaele Petrini who also announced what will be the next film that we will soon see again in theaters. It’s about Cannibal Holocaustby Ruggero Deodato. So appointment on July 10, to enjoy the first of a long series of successes.

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