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Indiana Jones 5: the first official images of the film arrive

In anticipation of the release of Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford is shown in the first images of the film

Indiana Jones will return in June 2023, which arrives in cinemas all over the world with its fifth chapter, 15 years after the fourth film in the saga, The realm of the crystal skull. In the meantime, Empire Magazine has unveiled the first images of the film, which show Harrison Ford as the iconic archaeologist. The first step of the Indiana Jones 5 launch campaign, whose release is, as mentioned, scheduled for next June.

Indiana Jones 5: the first official images of the film arrive

Indiana Jones 5: what we know about the film

Although there is not much missing, even if we still have more than six months before its release, there are not many i details notes on the new chapter of Indiana Jones. What is certain is the return of Harrison Ford, shown by photos of Empire and ready to inflame the fans. It seems obvious news, but in reality it is not because in recent times there have been rumors of a possible farewell of him, but the speculations have now been definitively silenced by this official poster.

This new chapter of Indiana Jones has long been in the making and at the moment every detail is surrounded by reserve more absolute. Practically nothing is known about the plot or the cast: the wait, after these images, is for the first official trailer, which will surely tell more about the film. Surely, the hope of the fans is that the franchise will return to what it once was, overcoming the resounding disappointment of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which at the time proved to be quite an incredible flop. The first rumors, among other things, spoke of disappointing screenings and of moodiness by Disney around the new film, which is certainly among the most anticipated releases of 2023. With these first images, the Indiana Jones 5 run has just begun, surely the wait is skyrocketing to understand how it will materialize.

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