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Influencers who became millionaires: 5 success stories on social media

Can social networks allow you to get really rich? Here are 5 success stories among influencers who have become millionaire entrepreneurs

How many times have we said to ourselves: “What do you want a like on social media to be?”, also doubting the real opportunity that behind that gesture that has become so routine by now there could be a real business. Certain, influencers are cleared figures within our society, but the big news of recent times are those figures who know how to combine work on social networks with real entrepreneurial activities. Experiences to keep track of by keeping an eye on the social and non-social references of these players in the commercial world, always paying close attention to the type of connection and using VPN Italia if necessary – effective in every corner of the globe. We have choosen five successful examples to tell how this phenomenon has actually become an increasingly beaten path to success.

Influencers who became millionaires: 5 success stories on social media

Danny Lazzarin: starting from the physique you get to set up a great company

The creator, who became famous for his love of fitness and i social content about his bodybuilding activity, in recent years he has expanded his skills, including vlogs and collaborations with other important Italian youtubers. Today, in addition to the DL consulting firm, Lazzarin has various gyms and Energy, shoe and accessory brands. Added to this is a large online community, with hundreds of thousands of followers on all platforms, now reaching almost one million even on Instagram.

Martina Strazzer and the art of jewelery starting from social networks

Martina Strazzer is one of the best known Italian tiktokers: her profile, in fact, boasts one and a half million followers and continues to be one of the most followed in our country. Not only that: the content creator is also an entrepreneur and a few years ago she created her jewelry brand which it advertises through social media, thus managing to conquer market segments unexplored by the competition and becoming a reference in this area as well.

Influencers who became millionaires: 5 success stories on social media

Gianluca Torre, even selling houses can be an influencer

Defined the real estate agent of VIPs, thanks to his extensive knowledge and communication skills that he developed in a past as an advertising professional. Today Gianluca is one of the leading agents of an important international network of real estate agencies. With the right words and some creative tricks, Gianluca manages to make the most of the houses he offers to buyers, who feel immediately involved and “at home”. The results are impressive, even on social networks, with a +922% of followers in 2023 alone.

Steven Basalari, when making people dance becomes an influencer business

Son of art, Steven Basalari has always shown a great flair for business, owner of a long list of trendy clubs, starting with the famous Number One in Corte Franca, in Brescia. Today he is a partner in an international holding company based in Dubai and investor in businesses of various kinds and owner of several nightclubs. On TikTok he has become a real influencer also thanks to the activities he manages around Italy, with numbers that many envy: 689,000 followers on Instagram alone and a life that, even without filters, manages to leave millions speechless of users.

Influencers who became millionaires: 5 success stories on social media

From the films of the phones on social networks to the stormed shop in Naples

NewMartina, the name of the shop in Naples that has conquered the international limelight: the face of the social account is a girl who he just removes the old films from the smartphones that customers bring into the shop, put new ones and promote products for sale on the shelves. Nothing more. But that was enough to bring her to 4.8 million followers on TikTok: the most basic and at the same time effective business method one could think of, which returned to being effective even in 2023 in an always connected world.

That’s all from the web and social section, who do you think will be the next influencer to become a millionaire?