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Stair lifts for the elderly: 5 tips for correct use

A stairlift for the elderly can be a fundamental tool for improving people’s lives. Here are some useful tips

Before choosing the stairlift that is most suitable for us, it is good find out all about this wondrous device, also through some advice regarding its use. It is an aid designed to protect people over sixty, especially those with more or less important motor difficulties. Through the stairlift for the elderly it becomes possible to move along the stairs of your own apartment in a serene and independent way. But what does the stairlift look like, and how does it work? In a nutshell, it is about an armchair equipped with a motorwhich moves along a guide installed directly on the stairs of an apartment.

This apparatus allows the user to overcome obstacles without any excessive effort and not required. A solution that can prove to be indispensable for those with poor motor skills, linked to age or to a more or less serious disability. For this reason, the stairlift can be a valid ally in everyday life, especially when every move, even the most natural ones, ends up representing an even distressing obstacle.

Stair lifts for the elderly: 5 tips for correct use

Unique features of the stairlift for the elderly

The stairlift is a practical solution in theremoval of architectural barriers in any building, from workplaces to public places. In particular, a system can become indispensable in private homes, especially in those condominiums that do not have an accessible lift. Contrary to what one might believe, the vehicle is not addressed to a particular category of people but, rather, can constitute a support in improving the quality of life even of subjects without particular pathologies.

As the years progress and the first ailments arrive, in fact, the investment of the stairlift can manifest its need at any moment. Better to prevent, therefore, rather than having to deal too late with the first difficulties in climbing the stairs. This way you risk needing a stair lift when motor skills are already impaired irremediably. Let’s try to illustrate all the possible advantages that installing a stairlift can bring to the life of an elderly person, but not only.

Stair lifts for the elderly: 5 tips for correct use

5 practical tips for using it

Once you have studied the functioning of the stairlift in greater detail, it is useful to examine its most peculiar characteristics in an appropriate way. In this way, even those who are still evaluating the purchase of the device, but have not yet completed the purchase, can be fully informed about the product, up to making a more informed choice. The first advice to take into consideration immediately after the purchase is to rely on a professional installation. It is therefore advisable to make sure that the appliance is installed by qualified professionals, following all the manufacturer’s instructions. After all, correct installation is necessary to guarantee the safety and correct functioning of the device.

Before using the stairlift, the primary user should receive proper education on all features of the device. Once the individual has familiarized himself with the controls, safety buttons and various precautions, it will be easier to get used to a tool that will increasingly enter our daily lives. Before each departure, then, it is appropriate make sure you always wear your seat belts or similar retention mechanisms. Responsible and appropriate behavior in preventing any unwanted fall or movement during the journey. Regularly checking your stairlift, making sure it is in good condition, is important to ensure that the device is working properly and safely.

This is why it is essential make use of qualified companies such as Elelift, which guarantee punctual and expert support for any problem. One last piece of advice is of a practical nature: before going up or down the stairs, it is good make sure that the surrounding areas are free of obstacles for the stairlift. Carpets, cables or loose objects must be kept away from the device, but feet and hands must also always be kept away from the driver during movement. That’s all from the electronics section, keep following us!

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