InkPad Color PocketBook: a beautiful gift for Christmas!

Recently on the market are the eReaders with color screen like InkPad Color PocketBook that bring some color into our readings

The InkPad Color PocketBook eReader is capable of display 4,096 colors: perfect for reading books but also for comics and school texts. Equipped with the new E Ink new Kaleido screen, at 225 grams it is one of the lightest 7.8 inch screen e-readers on the market.

InkPad Color PocketBook: a beautiful gift for Christmas!

InkPad Color PocketBook: eReader a colori per Natali

The new ebook reader adopts a modified color filter scheme that increases brightness, detaching more the white of the page and reproducing more vivid colors. The color screen will be particularly interesting for those who read comics. light novels and magazines, in order to enjoy all the nuances. The E Ink technology guarantees maximum reading comfort thanks to the simulation of the paper effect by increasing the sharpness of the black and white text (300 DPI), and to the front lighting that makes the colors more vivid.

Thanks to audio and Bluetooth functions, the device can connect wirelessly to headphones or car audio system to listen to audio books or music. Very interesting Text-to-speech function which allows you to transform any text or ebook on the device into audio.

InkPad Color PocketBook: a beautiful gift for Christmas!


InkPad Color √® available in silver-moon color at the price of 299 euros. It is a very welcome gift for reading enthusiasts in all senses. For more details you can consult the official website of the product. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!