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Innovation in Automotive Entertainment: “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on board BMW and Mini cars

The transition to electric mobility, characterized by longer stops to recharge the batteries compared to the quick refueling of internal combustion engines, is creating a new need: how to occupy the time during these breaks directly in the car

From an entertainment point of view, especially when you’re in company, the idea of ​​spending time with an engaging game of skill is gaining popularity.

Innovation in Automotive Entertainment: "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"  on board BMW and Mini cars

Transforming Mobility and Entertainment in the Electric Age

Games inspired by TV games, which often keep viewers glued to small screens, seem to be the ideal solution. BMW has taken this trend into account and introduced the 31-inch Theater Screen within the i7, in addition to partnering with Airconsole to bring the fun aboard the all-new i5enriching it with a wide range of video games.

The partnership between Bmw e Airconsole has led to a new announcement: the addition of the popular game “Who wants to Be a Millionaire?” to the collection of securities offered.

This popular game, powered by Sony Pictures Television (Spt)will soon be available in the game catalog of Air console in 2024but with a reimagined specifically for the in-car gaming experience.

This new version of the game, currently under developmentwill be designed to be playable on vehicles Bmw and Mini equipped with the AirConsole App.

Combine the interface user-friendly del gamepad per smartphone of AirConsole with the distinctive elements of the original quiz “Who wants to Be a Millionaire?”. Stephan Durachsenior vice president of the BMW Group with responsibility for related business development, stressed the importance of bringing innovative and fun gaming experiences to BMW and Mini vehicles through the collaboration with AirConsole, citing the addition of “Who wants to Be a Millionaire?” as an example of this initiative.

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