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Stellantis comes the “August Operation” for online sales

The sales online they don’t go on vacation for Stellar snap “Operation August“.

Stellantis, online sales do not go on vacation "Operation August" arrives, source DepositPhotosStellantis, online sales do not go on vacation, “Operation August” arrives, source DepositPhotos

A network of dealers also available in August

Stellar confirms the investments aimed at strengthening customer contact channels. Also in August, consumers who are interested in buying a car from one of the Group’s brands. They can choose whether to benefit from the support of the dealer network in advance. Of the advice of a team of experts made available by Stellantis, through the online and telephone channels.

1 out of 2 customers has decided to start the car buying process online

The synergy between digital and physical channels has become a stringent request, as confirmed by the customers themselves.

In the first half of this year, 200,000 consumers have contacted online sales consultants (the so-called E-sellers).

These with an average of 1,300 contacts per day. Of these, approximately 91,000 – over 40% – were confirmed within the purchase window within 2 months (500 potential customers on a daily basis).

So 1 client his 2 decides to start the purchase process online and complete it at the dealership later.

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The role of E-Sellers

Starting from product consultancy, E-Sellers can in fact accompany the customer even in the first steps of the purchase process, sharing the purchase and financing offer, up to placing the order.

The trend of the first half is the confirmation that the synergy between digital and physical channels has become a pressing necessity. Digital and E-Commerce are in fact two elements that complete the customer’s shopping experience and make it faster, more fluid and more satisfying. This is helped by the fact that an increasing number of customers are unwilling to give up their personal data in the early stages of the purchase process and prefer to use more direct and non-binding channels.

happy couple with car dealer in auto show or salonauto business, car sale, consumerism and people concept – happy couple with car dealer in auto show or salon

In this scenario, Stellantis provides all the expertise of the E-sellers – figures with proven experience in the automotive sector and constantly updated on the latest industry issues, such as that of electric mobility – and a multiplicity of contact channels : in addition to the classic ones such as the telephone, e-mail or dedicated chat, E-sellers are also able to guide customers through the innovative and immersive experience of the Abarth and FIAT Metastores, virtual spaces in which It is possible to show the car and all its features without the customer having to leave their home. Finally, if the customer is interested in carrying out a test drive or in receiving an evaluation of a used car to be traded in, the E-sellers can convey his request directly to the most convenient and closest dealership, providing the showroom with all the necessary information for an easy and fast negotiation.

Santo Ficili, Country Manager of Stellantis Italia commented: “Our customers have long since overcome the concept of separation between online and offline. Where they see one of the Group’s brands represented – whether it’s a dealership sign or a virtual store – they expect to be served with the same care and professionalism. The activity carried out through our online consultants is amplifying our ability to connect with customers and generating new commercial opportunities for our dealer network”.

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