Inscryption: will be released on December 1st for Switch

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Among the various titles of the Nintendo Indie World of November, Daniel Mullins Games has confirmed that Inscryption will be released on December 1st for Switch

The Nintendo Indie World is always a really interesting opportunity to take a look, albeit brief, at the indie titles that will populate the hybrid consoles of the Kyoto House. Among these was also Inscryptionbut let’s analyze things calmly.

Inscryption: Draw a card and survive

The title in question was already released last year for PCselling more than a million copies in just a few months, and during the month of August it also saw a porting per PS4 e PS5 enjoying some success even among console owners Sony. But in all this console gaming could the Switch be missing?

Evidently not as confirmed by the same creatore Daniel Mullins who confirmed that Inscryption will be available on this console starting December 1st. This game is very unique though, because it will be all based on cards. The player, locked up somewhere, will have to gamble for freedom facing his jailer in a series of card challenges. Sacrifice, evoke, empower and acquire new ones will therefore be the key to victory!

At some point, however, there will also be other mysteries that will add to the already disturbing situation. Speaking cards and sinister escape room-style puzzles will not be lacking, but it was Daniel Mullins himself who didn’t want to add anything else so as not to spoil the surprise for the players.

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