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Sylvester Stallone reveals the best film as a protagonist

The iconic 80’s actor Sylvester Stallone tells himself with an open heart remembering the best successful film as a protagonist

Immense protagonist in the most iconic action films of the 80s; in a recently released interview, Sylvester Stallone remembers with great emotion the role most dear to him. Together with colleagues like Arnold Schwarzenegger; Sylvester Stallone thanks to the successful cult has managed to enter the collective imagination of all generations.

With a career spanning more than five decades and a successful track record, the answer isn’t as obvious as it seems.

Sylvester Stallone reveals the best film as a protagonist

Sylvester Stallone: ​​The best film is Rambo

Despite Rocky Balboa 1976 (and the subsequent relaunch in 2006) was a notable stepping stone in his career; Stallone states with great firmness that John Rambo (Rambo 4) is the real movie to be proud of.

Fourth chapter of the famous saga born in 1982, directed and starring Stallone himself; stands out for having thwarted the Hollywood rules of the time. Loaded with violence and fighting to the death, he does not seem to have even taken into account the young audience, enough to receive a classification R – Restricted, that is, a forbidden to unaccompanied minors under the age of 17.

According to his statements:

A movie I’m very proud of, the best action movie I’ve ever made because the truest – it’s Rambo 4, which is about Burma, where there has been a civil war for 67 years. But I was reprimanded because the film is very violent. And it is. It is horrifying. There are children burned alive. This is what makes the Civil War worse than anything else. Your neighbor suddenly kills you. I was very happy with the film and didn’t think it would ever be released in theaters. I thought, “They will never project it.

A truly original curiosity that came in conjunction with the latest harsh statements made on action cinema of recent years, which he now considered too fictitious and supernatural.

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