Inspire 2021: Microsoft introduces Windows 365, the OS in the cloud

Inspire 2021, the annual conference dedicated to the ecosystem of Microsoft partners, was also an opportunity to present numerous innovations to support the evolution towards new work environments: from the new Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to Windows 365, from Dynamics 365 to new benefits and opportunities for partners

Microsoft today announced Windows 365, a cloud service that offers businesses of all sizes a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11. Windows 365 brings the operating system to the Microsoft cloud, transferring the entire Windows experience – apps, data, and settings – to personal or corporate devices. Safe “by design” and designed according to the Zero Trust principle, Windows 365 protects and stores information in the cloud, not on the device, providing a safe and productive experience for all workers, from interns to employees, from software developers to Industrial Designers. Windows 365 creates a new category of hybrid computers called Cloud PC, which leverages both the power of the cloud and the capabilities of devices to provide a complete and personalized Windows experience. The announcement represents a groundbreaking innovation, addressing the needs of organizations around the world looking for the best ways to facilitate hybrid working models. Satya Nadella, President and CEO of Microsoft, said:

With Windows 365, we are creating a new category: the Cloud PC. Just as applications were brought to the cloud with the SaaS model, we are now bringing the operating system to the cloud, providing organizations with greater flexibility and a secure way to enable their employees to be more productive and connected, regardless of their geographic location. .

A new paradigm for hybrid work

As the pandemic subsides in some parts of the world, it is emerging a new working model, transformed by virtual processes and remote collaboration. In this more distributed environment, employees have need to access corporate resources from different places and devices – and as cyber threats rise, protecting these assets is increasingly critical. Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365 comments:

Hybrid work has revolutionized the role of technology in business. In an environment where the workforce is more diverse than ever, organizations need a new way to deliver a better productivity experience by combining versatility, simplicity and security. The Cloud PC is an exciting new category of hybrid personal computers that transform any device into a personalized, productive and secure digital workspace. Today’s announcement of Windows 365 is just the beginning of a journey that will see the border between the device and the cloud disappear.

Windows 365 helps employers a solve those challenges they had to face even before the outbreak of the pandemic, giving employees greater flexibility and the ability to work from different locations, while ensuring the security of the organization’s data. THE seasonal workers will be able to change teams without having to deal with logistical problems related to the delivery of new hardware or the securing of personal devices, allowing organizations to adapt more efficiently and safely to the most intense work periods. In addition, companies can easily ensure workers who specialize in creative, analytical, engineering or scientific roles have greater computing power and secure access to the essential applications they need.

Inspire 2021: Microsoft introduces Windows 365, the OS in the cloud

Versatile, simple, secure: the transformative impact of Windows 365

By harnessing the power of the Windows operating system and the power of the cloud, Windows 365 gives any business greater peace of mind with three key features:

  • Power. Windows 365 provides the complete PC cloud experience. With the instant start of the own personal Cloud PC, users can transfer applications, tools, data and settings from the cloud to any device. In addition, the cloud provides greater versatility in processing and storage power, offering scalability to IT managers, who will be able to manage them according to their needs. With the ability to choose between Windows 10 and Windows 11 (when it will be available in 2021), companies can choose the Cloud PC that best suits their needs with a monthly cost per user.
  • Simplicity. With a Cloud PC, users can access and resume their work where they left off on different devices, enjoying a simple and familiar cloud-enabled Windows experience. For IT managers, Windows 365 also makes it easy to deploy, upgrade, and manage, as well as not requiring virtualization, unlike other solutions. With Windows 365 optimized for the endpoint, IT can easily obtain, deploy and manage Cloud PCs for their business just as they manage physical devices through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Small and medium-sized enterprises they can purchase Windows 365 directly or through a cloud provider and complete setup in just a few clicks. At the same time, Microsoft continues to innovate Azure Virtual Desktop to meet the needs of enterprises that rely on advanced virtualization experiences and want more customization and flexibility options.
  • Safety. Windows 365 is secure by design, leveraging the power of the cloud and built on the Zero Trust principle. The information is protected and stored in the cloud, not on the device. Relying on constant updates, advanced security features and guidelines from Microsoft, Windows 365 simplify cybersecurity and recommends the best security settings for the environment in question.

Inspire 2021: Microsoft introduces Windows 365, the OS in the cloud

New opportunities for the Microsoft partner ecosystem

For decades, Microsoft partners have been at the heart of the company’s strategy in delivering technologies and supporting the digital transformation of organizations around the world. There reach of Microsoft’s cloud offering and technology portfolio gives partners the opportunity to build innovative and specific solutions for individual sectors. Windows 365 will offer partners even more opportunities. Come on system integrator For managed service providers, from ISVs to OEMs, the new Cloud PC category will enable Microsoft partners to deliver new Windows cloud experiences.

Businesses will turn to system integrator e ai managed service provider to get the most out of your Windows experience. ISVs will be able to continue building Windows applications and releasing them in the cloud to enable new ways of working, while OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) get the opportunity to integrate Windows 365 into their broad portfolio of services, alongside their high-performance devices and secure hardware.

Inspire 2021: Microsoft introduces Windows 365, the OS in the cloud


Windows 365 will be available to businesses of all sizes starting from 2 August 2021.

Inspire 2021’s other announcements

Microsoft Inspire is the annual conference dedicated to the ecosystem of Microsoft partners, composed globally by 400,000 partners employing over 22 million professionals, contributing to business digital transformation projects around the world, as well as over 95% of Microsoft’s revenue, directly or in partnership with the company. The event was an opportunity to present numerous news and updates that leverage on cloud computing to offer new opportunities to support the evolution of hybrid work environments, providing the maximum guarantees of safety and reliability. Below is a summary of the main announcements:

  • It was presented Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, the new vertical offer designed to help organizations in all sectors reduce their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals. It will arrive in preview over the next few months and will allow companies to record, report and reduce their emissions.
  • Microsoft unveiled its own commitment 100/100/0: by 2030, the company is committed to cover 100% of its energy consumption, 100% of the time, with the purchase of zero-carbon energy.
  • Creating collaborative apps with Microsoft Teams e Dynamics 365– In this new category of collaborative apps, customers can stay up to date on activities by accessing Dynamics 365 data directly in Teams, at no additional cost. Permissions and access rules can be configured to ensure that only suitable users can access the data. Additionally, partners have the ability to bring all their innovative business and vertical capabilities into the Teams application.
  • Microsoft recorded 70% year-over-year growth of transactionable applications within its commercial marketplace, which boasts over 30,000 applications and services and 4 million users per monthis. The company announced a 3% reduction in commission – compared to an industry standard of 20% – for every transactionable application published in the commercial marketplace, including digital stores, Azure Marketplace, and Microsoft AppSource. Furthermore, starting next autumn, ISVs with offers within the commercial marketplace will be able to set a price for end consumers and one dedicated to Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) selected, allowing them to derive margins.
  • Microsoft Live is enriched with new integrations with over 20 partners, which allow customers to seamlessly connect to the systems and tools used daily directly within the Viva experiences.
  • Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, now in public preview, and Project “Orland” for Microsoft 365, now in limited preview, will help partners offer managed security services and identify new growth opportunities. Microsoft 365 Lighthouse helps managed service providers protect devices, data and users at SMBs that have chosen Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Project “Orland”, on the other hand, is a new Partner Center experience that allows CSP partners to gain useful insights into their customers to improve their management.
  • New benefits have been introduced for ISVs who want to build and offer apps for Microsoft Teams and Viva dedicated to Modern Work.
  • On the occasion of the second anniversary of the launch of the program Business Applications ISV Connect – offering platforms, resources and support for ISVs to develop, publish and offer their applications – Microsoft announced new simplifications and enhancements that allow you to reduce development time, accelerate go to market, differentiate your solutions and expand more efficiently your business in new markets.

Inspire 2021: Microsoft introduces Windows 365, the OS in the cloud

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